Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe

Hornbill Cafe: Fill Your Hunger When You Are At KL Bird Park, Malaysia

Many might have forgotten Hornbill Cafe or do not know this hidden gem that actually serves HOMEY FOOD at KL Bird Park.

Hornbill Cafe Located KL Bird Park, Malaysia

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, is the KL Bird Park and attached to this, is a restaurant called Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe. I called it Hornbill Cafe as it is easy to remember by everyone.This is one of the advantages of getting our hungry stomach fill up without leaving the KL Bird Park.

Hornbill Cafe is also open for public as not only for visitors. During the lunch hour, many corporate friends and government bodies can be seen having their lunch there as well. It is an ideal place to have your corporate or personal event such as meeting or gathering. Either having it inside the cafe itself which can accommodate 60pax or at function space at lower deck which can accommodate 100pax.

We personally enjoyed our meal in Verandah area as we got a surprise visitors flying to us. However, don’t be afraid of those birds as they just need food. You may look for the server’s help to get them away from you.

What’s Delicious?

When comes to food, everyone started to query “what’s delicious there?” Well, why not have some peek together with us.

Keropok Lekor | RM5.90

Hornbill Cafe

Every Malaysian’s favorite and is great to have it as a starter. Keropok Lekor is Malaysia fish finger, one of locally made product with a strong fishy smell. Is either you like it or you don’t like. No complicated feeling.

Pisang Goreng | RM5.90

Hornbill Cafe

Starter or snack can be either one. Banana deep into the batter and fried it! Simple yet appetizing.

Sarawak Laksa | RM19.90 – Asian Delight

Hornbill Cafe

Famous Sarawakian food that should not be missed. Rice vermicelli served in thick coconut curry broth together with shredded chicken, prawns, fresh coriander, beansprout, lime and homemade Belacan chili on the side. Highly recommended for its flavorful and aromatic dish!

Malaysian Chicken Curry | RM19.90 – Asian Delight

Hornbill Cafe

We had this for twice and this could assure you how delicious it was. Rich and delicious curry with a distinct flavor of coconut milk. A side serves with fragrance rice and Papadom, Indian cracker. Malaysian Chicken Curry that loved by every race.

Nasi Dagang | RM19.90 – Asian Delight

Hornbill Cafe

One of the famous dish from Kelantan, Malaysia. Glutinous reddish-brown speckled rice served with luscious tuna fish curry and mixed vegetables. Highly recommended!

Penang Char Kuey Teow | RM16.90 – Asian Delight

Hornbill Cafe

Silky smooth Penang Style Char Kuay Teow with fresh shrimps on top. Simple but delectable. Stir-fried flat noodle with chicken, shrimps, eggs, bean sprouts and chives

Fried Mee ‘Mamak’ Style | RM17.90 – Asian Delight

hornbill restaurant and cafe

Not only ‘Mamak’ stall having this flavorful Fried Mee but at Hornbill Cafe, you may also able to have it. Heavenly delicious and fragrance. Stir-fried yellow noodle with bean curds, eggs, chickens, seafood & potatoes in a tomato sauce and dark soya sauce.

Chicken Chop | RM29.90 – International Favourites

Hornbill Cafe

At Hornbill Cafe, they are serving also International Delights such as Chicken Chop, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Grilled Lamb Cutlet and many others.  We love the Chicken Chop as it was tender and juicy, side served with buttered vegetables and wedges.

Aglio-olio | Seafood (RM25.90) | Beef bacon/Chicken (RM23.90) | Vegetarian (RM20.90)

hornbill restaurant and cafe

Healthy homey Aglio-olio pasta can be found too at Hornbill Cafe. It comes with three selection of choices, Seafood, Bacon, Chicken or Vegetarian.

Quench Your Thirst

Quench your thirst with their famous Coconut shake or any of your favorite fruit juices. They are also selling Iced or Hot Coffee & Tea. Looking for dessert? Well, call the waiter/waitress and request the menu. We guarantee you can find the dessert on the menu.

What are you waiting for? Click on their website www.klbirdpark.com to get more information or contact them directly at +603-2693808. Open Daily From 9.00 am – 8.00 pm

Beware of monkey and don’t hurt them, please… Look, this is one special monkey with only one hand left for him. Pity right? So don’t hurt them ya~

KL Bird Park
920 Jalan Cenderewasih,
Perdana Botanical Gardens
Tasik Perdana,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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