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After since the pandemic starts, I have not been home with my family and to taste my mom”s Hakka food. I have been missing her and her yummy Hakka food so much. And recently, I have found Savoury/”

Savoury/” Authentic Hakka Dishes Cooked from Home

Savoury/” started from home by a husband & wife. They started low and with the support from friends and hoping their business can grow better. Hence, we are here to share with all of you their yummy delicious food that we had tried.

Hakka Braised Pork Belly with Taro


Yam and pork belly arranged alternately and steamed with homemade umami sauce. Just by looking at it, I”m already drooling to the max. The meat is so tender and the fats just melt in our mouth!

Hakka Abacus Seed


Abacus Seeds are one of the many traditional Hakka dishes that are often served during celebrations, signifying wealth. Every bite of it so chewy, flavourful and tasty!

Emperor Herbal Chicken


This emperor herbal chicken is wonderfully delicious and the meat is just falling-off-the-bone chicken. The chicken is mildly flavoured with Chinese traditional herbs.

Spicy Kao Yuk Bao


Tender and aromatic kao yuk with a hint of spicy sandwiched in better soft and fluffy steamed pillowy flat bun.


Probably best of the best we tasted!

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