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Get your Happy Bento from Hinode Bento

Happy Weekend with Happy Food from Hinode Bento. When I got my food, my stress level straight drop to zero. I have got these beautiful Bento + Misomaru (instant miso soup) + Cold Yuzu drink + handmade Fruit Jelly

[ Hinode Chirashi Don ]

Hinode Bento

In Japan, Chirashi Don represents a box of happiness. A colorful happiness Hinode Chirashi Don with fresh salmon sashimi, Ebi, tamagoyaki, and edamame. Topped with pickled lotus roots that the taste is so refreshing on every spoon.

[ Sunrise Tori Bento #Kyaraben ]

Hinode Bento

Kawaii little chick in your bento served with chicken Nanban, chicken sausage boiled egg, and some greens. I don’t know why, but I just feel like making the chick sound when I have a bite

[ Hambagu Bento ]

Hambagu Bento

A handmade chicken patty by Hinode Bento. Grilled with teriyaki sauce and it tastes good and juicy too! No wonder my hubby was so quiet while eating this…He secretly enjoyed it all by himself

[ Misomaru ]

Is an instant miso soup (miso ball) – just pour hot water and stir it. Then, you got a hot bowl of miso soup to drink!

[ Cold Yuzu Drink & Handmade Fruit Jelly ]

Just the right time to have it now! The weather is just too hot lately and a cup of cold Yuzu drink and fruit jelly is good enough to cool down ourselves.

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