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100% Vegan Food with Fruits from Hey Peach KL

Trying out the 100% vegan food from Hey Peach KL by Parklike. Many vegan friends for sure would love to try this.

Hey Peach KL is using fruits as the main ingredient

We had tried a couple of dishes that use fruits as the main. We really love the combination of the savory with fruits. Well, that’s how I ate my food at home too. One bite of rice and one bite of fruit

Toast: Fruity Nutty Toast

Hey Peach

Love the combination of red apple, blueberry, mango, and peanut butter spread. Spread on top of toasted sourdough and topped with some sunflower seeds and nuts.

Bowl: Rich Peach Bowl

Hey Peach

A bowl of a healthy and delightful dish. A combination of peach with tempeh, chickpea, sweet potatoes, and quinoa.

Pudding: Green Minty Chia Seed

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Our very first time trying out the minty juice pudding. The taste was good and refreshing with the add-on of a fresh kiwi and also a mango. Not too sweet but with a little sour taste from the fruits.

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