Guinness: Taste Perfection and Guide to Food Pairing

Guinness Draught – A pint of smooth, creamy and the maltiness well balanced with hops stout could just make a day for all. Guinness Expert and Brand Ambassador Cian Hulm have come to Malaysia to lead a special series of in-outlet activations until January 2019.

The Guinness Expert and Brand Ambassador Cian Hulm


He is recognized as one of the foremost experts on Guinness in the world. He leads a team which travels the globe sharing the unrivaled heritage, craftsmanship, and character behind every glass of Guinness and making sure it’s served perfectly no matter where you are in the world.


In the event will you get to see, smell, touch, and taste. you’ll also learn more about the unparalleled heritage, craftsmanship, and character which makes it the stout of choice the world over.


Those who succeed will receive a personalized certificate as pouring the perfect serve.

Exclusive GUINNESS Merchandise can be won by consumers participating in the Two-Part Pour Challenge during the Taste Perfection activation period.

Food Pairing Experience at Makhan by Kitchen Mafia

We’ve all heard about pairing food with wine – but have you ever tried pairing food with beer?

When out indulging this festive season, try pairing Guinness Draught with a wide range of dishes. Just follow the simple guidelines below to experience taste perfection:


The richness and robust taste of Guinness Draught complements deep rich flavors, such as roasted meats, cream, and chocolate.
Matching these flavors together increases the intensity of their shared characteristics.


Bombay Sliders and Prawns dish paired with GUINNESS Draught.

Crusted Rack of Lamb dish paired with GUINNESS Draught.


Guinness Draught’s smooth, velvety texture provides a contrast to spices, salty food such as seafood and cheeses, and sour flavors like pickles or laksa.
The contrast uncovers new depths of flavor and sensations that weren’t present before.

Cheese Platter paired with GUINNESS Draught.

Bitter Sweet Ending dessert paired with GUINNESS Draught.


The bitterness from the extra hops used in Guinness Draught cuts through rich, heavy flavors like grilled meat and sauces, while the smooth texture refreshes the palate. This balances richer dishes, harmonizing flavors to reveal more subtle taste sensations.

No matter what you get up to this festive season, treat yourself to taste perfection with Guinness Draught – for those who will never accept anything less.

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HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad

HEINEKEN Malaysia with its portfolio of iconic international brands is the leading brewer in the country.
The Company brews, markets and distributes:

  • The World’s No. 1 international premium beer Heineken® ;
  • The World-acclaimed iconic Asian beer Tiger Beer. Its doubly refreshing variant Tiger Radler; and its other innovative brew Tiger White – Asia’s Wheat Beer;
  • The World’s No. 1 stout Guinness, and the unique smooth and fresh stout Guinness Bright;
  • The World’s No. 1 cider Strongbow Apple Ciders
  • The New Zealand inspired cider Apple Fox Cider
  • The all-time local favorite Anchor Smooth. Its latest variant Anchor Smooth Draught and its strong beer variant Anchor Strong;
  • The premium Irish ale Kilkenny;
  • The real shandy Anglia

HEINEKEN Malaysia also produces the wholesome, premium quality non-alcoholic Malta.
HEINEKEN Malaysia’s brand portfolio also includes :

  • No 1 German wheat beer Paulaner,
  • Japan’s No 1 100% malt beer Kirin Ichiban
  • World’s No 1 ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage Smirnoff Ice.

The Company continues to lead the responsible drinking agenda through its Drink Sensibly campaign.

Listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, HEINEKEN Malaysia’s principal shareholder:

  • GAPL Pte Ltd based in Singapore
  • GAPL Pte Ltd is 100% owned by Heineken N.V.

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