GShield Hospital Grade Disinfecting Wipes & Spray by Greenwipes®

Stay Safe, Stay Clean and Stay Protected with GShield by Greenwipes®

The Award Winning GShield

The Start Outstanding Business Award 2020 & Gold Award for Best Innovation of the Year.

Lately I have got this disinfectant alcohol wipes & non alcohol wipes for my daily use at home. Besides using wipes, I will also use the disinfecting spray type whenever I need to and also bringing out to use on trolley during my groceries buy.

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All GShield formula are tested to kil 99.99% human coronavirus (covid-19) – Lab Tested by SGS. It has the quickest and safest way of disinfecting, which means it has kill time formulation. Usually the usual one in the market would dried up even faster but it dries before the viruses or bacteria were killed.


GShield is using the hospital grade alcohol and the wipes material is US FDA certified. It has the thickest wipes that won’t break (for safety). Most importantly, it kills viruses & bacteria under 1 minute.

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