Segi Fresh

Grocery shopping at Segi Fresh. Cheap, fresh and worth to buy

As an F&B business owner, buying last minute groceries has been our concern especially at noontime whereby all morning markets were closed. However, we manage to solve this at SEGI FRESH MARKET.

Segi Fresh Market – The Indoor Wet Market

Segi Fresh

At Segi Fresh, you can find almost wet items, from poultry to seafood, from seafood to vegetables, from fruits to frozen good!

Segi Fresh

Well, we truly find this convenient and safe to sell at our pork-free restaurant/cafe and our Muslim friends can consume without hesitation.

Besides fresh produce, Segi Fresh also awarded as the fair price award whereby you can buy at the cheapest price range.

These 5kg potatoes and onion can be purchased here as well so suitable for F&B Business.


About 70% of the products sold at Segi Fresh outlets are sourced and traded by its subsidiaries. This is to ensure that they are delivered fresh from the farms and ports.

The other 30% is outsourced to entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their businesses.

Buy without hesitation anymore at Segi Fresh. Grab their daily promotion to buy even at lowest price!!

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