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Grand Harbour Dim Sum Delivery | Breakfast Promo

Missing the Chinese way Morning breakfast? Well, I bet many of you do! I have been missing some nice and delicious dim sum and end up I found Grand Harbour Restaurants

Grand Harbour Daily Breakfast Promo 10am – 1pm

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Grand Harbour Daily Breakfast Promo is now available for deliver or takeaway. Price starting from RM12.80 only and you can get it from Grand Harbour Fahrenheit 88:

So, without hesitation, Siu Mai & Har Kao definitely will be the first choice of mine and not to forget also the Honey Bbq Pork Rice Roll.

Grand Harbour

Tasty, juicy and fresh Siu Mai – One set is really not enough for me!

Grand Harbour

The Har Kao is my favorite and a must to have! Had Kao at Grand Harbour never disappoint me before and the skin is nicely wrapped.

BBQ Char Siu Rice Roll – Every bite is full of BBQ Char Siu!

Grand Harbour

The next thing is a must for me is the Dai Bao (Big dumpling bao) – This inclusive of 1 drink.

I superb love Grand Harbour Dai Bao – Soft, fluffy and the filling is generous too. Thanks Chef

Daily Breakfast Promo Set

May be an image of food and text that says 'SetA1 Set2 A2 RM12.80~ 大港大包 粒 Grand Harbour Dai Bao( pc) RM16.80~ 叉烧云吞面 (干/汤) "Char Siu" "Wonton" Noodlesx Combo 大 (A) inclusive of drink. Choose from: Coffee portion (Dry/ Soup) CHINESE |RM22.80 Set Stuffed Beancurd Abalone Sauce Roll RM39.80 Noodlesx 叉烧云吞面× "Wonton" (Dry/ Soup) 大港大包1 粒 Dai Bao( pc) 糯米鸡 pc) 鲜虾腐皮卷 3粒 Bean Curd Skin with Ûh pcs) RM39.80 香港叉烧肠粉×1份 PR portion RM28.80 蚝皇叉烧包3粒 大港虾饺皇 3粒 Shrimp Dumpling (Har Kao) pcs) 蟹籽蒸燒卖3粒 Pork Shrimp Dumpling (SuMai)(3pc 蟹籽蒸燒卖3粒 Dumpling (Siu Mai) pcs) Combo Set 炸芋角 3粒 Deep-fried Yam Puff pcs) inclusive drinks. Choose G”Tea 奶茶 3.GH Coffee Drinkca Cold'

You can actually pick from their combo set for 2 persons which comes with 2 drinks (Soya Bean Milk | GH Milk Tea | GH Coffee).

No photo description available.

Combo sets for 4 persons are available too.

Before completing my order….

Grand Harbour

Before we complete the order, we managed to slipped in their famous Combo BBQ Rice too!! The roasted pork belly so juicy and the crusty skin perfectly paired with BBQ char siu pork belly.

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Fix your craving now by just staying at home, order online and wait for the arrival of the food.

Grand Harbour OPEN DAILY from 10am – 8pm (MCO Business Hour)
Breakfast promo from 10am – 1pm

Click in for menu request and make your order
– Fahrenheit 88
– Da Men
(*Sorry, Breakfast promo not available for this outlet)

*FREE delivery for orders above RM80 (within 10 km radius from our restaurants). T&Cs apply.

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