Grand Final: Miss Chinese World 2017 [REVIEW]

It comes to Grand Final now for Miss Chinese World 2017 with 31 finalists from 9 countries. It was a great honored for being invited to witness the Grand Final in One World Hotel.

World Finals Gala – Miss Chinese World 2017

The Miss Chinese world pageant held at One World Hotel in a glitzy event. This is to honor and rekindle the passion for the Chinese Heritage. Graced by VIPs and celebrities, the night was filled with excitement. The 31 beauties paraded gracefully on stage to vie for the Miss Chinese World title.

Miss Chinese World 2017
Crown design for Miss Chinese World 2017 by Orson Liyu

The Beauty of Hearts, The World of Wisdom

The beauties not only possess their pretty face but to showcase their talent and mental prowess. With this year theme ‘Heritage of the Orient’, these beauties have displayed a strong sense of understanding of what it means to be a Chinese.

Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi from D’Touch International giving his speech

The evening began with a light-hearted skit, followed by a national costume and sportswear. Later on followed by the talent shows, impressing with modern and traditional Chinese performances

Miss Chinese World 2017
The Beauties in their National Costumes
Best in National Costume – Fransiska Indrayani – (Indonesia, Surabaya)
Tai Chi Fan Dance by Chen Ling Ling of China, Jiaozuo

The beauties will sashay in glam with first wearing beachwear designed by Orson Liyu followed by Qi Pao wear designed by Jason Yek. It was and hype night after the announced of the TOP 10 and who will be crowned.

Beach Wear Parade designed by designer Orson Liyu

This pageant is jointly organized by Miss Chinese World Sdn Bhd and Legacy Film Sdn Bhd

“Looking at the camaraderie among the ladies tonight, I would say that this event has fulfilled its objective. The Objective is to promote and celebrate the Chinese culture while bringing together beauties of Chinese ethnicity from all over the world to foster peace, goodwill and friendship among contestants,” said Zoee Tan, Actress, Beauty Queen and Director of Legacy Film that co-organizes the event with Miss Chinese World Sdn Bhd.

Tan, herself, is no stranger to beauty pageants. Tan has won several titles herself.
Malaysia Best Model (1995), Miss Malaysia Queen of Tourism (1996), Miss Malaysia Chinese International (1997), Miss Malaysia Earth (2001), and Miss Malaysia Oriental Pearl (2004).

“I am impressed by the contestants’ performances tonight. It is evident that these ladies are truly passionate and in touch with their Chinese roots. I hope that moving forward, they will all become ambassadors of our heritage in their respective countries”, said Tan Sri at the finals.

The brains behind the Miss Chinese World pageant, Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi from D’Touch International

The Announcement

Before the night end, several subsidiary titles winners were announced before the main title. The winners of the subsidiary titles were appointed by the sponsors. Therefore, they will be the ambassadors for the brand throughout the year.

Miss GMCI Body Beautiful – Lim Nai Sim (Cambodia, Phnom Pehn) (Adopted by GMCI) Presented by Mr MW Chan, Chief Financial Officer of GMCI
Miss DEWS Healthy Skin – Lee Hui Qian (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur) (Adopted by DEWS) Presented by Mr SN Loh, Chief Operating Officer of GMCI

Eddie Liew (Director of Legacy Film), Zoee Tan (Actress, Beauty Queen & Managing Director of Legacy Film), Andy Teoh (Director of Legacy Film)
The Winners – Miss Chinese World 2017
Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi from D’Touch International, Miss Chinese World 2011 – Xu Jia Fan 徐嘉繁 (China, Jinan)

The winners for Miss Chinese World 2017 are:

  1. Champion – Yin Zhuo Qun (China, Shanghai)
  2. 1st Runner Up – Chang Yu Chin (Taiwan, Taipei)
  3. 2nd Runner Up – Dai Tian (China, Qingdao)

Subsidiary Titles

  1. Miss GMCI Body Beautiful – Lim Nai Sim (Cambodia, Phnom Pehn)
    (Adopted by GMCI)
  2. Miss DEWS Healthy Skin – Lee Hui Qian (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
    (Adopted by DEWS)
  3. Miss Gintell Wellness – Yin Zhuo Qun (China, Shanghai)
    (Adopted by Gintell (M) Sdn Bhd)
  4. Miss Beautiful Leg – Gao Yue (China, Shuozhou)
    (Adopted by Star Mode Entertainment)
  5. Miss Eastern Beauty – Jiang Zuo Jun (China, Harbin)
    (Adopted by Snips College of Creative Art)
  6. Miss Crowning Glory – Xu Ting Ting (China, Guangzhou)
    (Adopted by Jenkworkz Hairloft)
  7. Miss Glamour – Wang Ruo Han (China, Qinhuangdao)
    (Adopted by AD Time Sdn Bhd)
  8. Miss Hai-O Vitality – Zhang Nan (China, Hangzhou)
    (Adopted by Hai-O Enterprise Berhad)
  9. Miss Oriental – Chong Jia Ying (Malaysia, Perak)
    (Adopted by New Shanghai Group)
  10. Miss Friendship – Wang Ruo Han (China, Qinhuangdao)
    (Adopted by One World Hotel Sdn Bhd)
  11. Miss Congeniality – Yin Zhuo Qin (China, Shanghai)
    (Adopted by Suaviss Lab White)
  12. Best in Talent – Wang Zhen (China, Tai Yuan)
    (Adopted by Legacy Film)

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