GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair Product Launched by Simon Yam

Congratulation to Gintell for its newly launched S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair and the 117th retail outlet, the Signature Showroom was launched too on the same day.

GINTELL Meet & Greet with Simon Yam

Ambassador endorsement signing ceremony between Simon Yam, an International artiste, and GINTELL, along with the grand launch of the new Wellness Series massage chair, S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair.

The management of GINTELL, its ambassadors (Simon Yam, Amber Chia, and Dato’ Seri Master Chris Leong), Pavilion KL management, and media members were among the guests present on the day.

GINTELL S6 Plus 8-Hands Wellness Chair

It is the very first wellness chair to have 8-D in the market. It comes with Twin Rollers where you can feel like 4 masseuses are massaging your body from the upper to the lower back.

Gintell Signature Showroom at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


Guess many of you missed out on the roadshow but fret not, as you can also check it out on this at Gintell’s retail outlet.

The 117th retail outlet, which is also their Signature Showroom, was launched on the same day. It is located on level 6, Lot 6.16.00. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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