GALEEVEURS Incubator System – The First Integrated F&B Incubator in Malaysia

Galeeveurs Group to announce Malaysia’s First Integrated F&B Incubator system on 24th July 2018 at New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.


Galeeveurs – Preserving traditions for a generation to come while embarking on the partnership for F&B hub, marking the beginning of the expansion plan


Food is not about taste. It’s also about MEMORY, said Dato’ Henry Lee – Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group.

Many good memories have been created over delicious food. Food brings people together on many different levels.

As the fourth-generation successor of Kim Lian Kee, Dato Henry Lee believe that local food holds a special way of uniting people and good potential to be introduced on a global level. With more than 80 years of history, Kim Lian Kee has now revolved into an F&B chain store where we can see from several large shopping malls.

“By positioning ourselves as the first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem, we hope that F&B legacies will be sustained using this ecosystem,” said Dato’ Henry.
“As the fourth-generation successor of a heritage brand, I believe local Malaysian food holds a special way of uniting people, bringing fond childhood memories and has good potential to be introduced on a global level. Thus, it would be devastating if one day it is not accessible by the public.”

According to Mr. Victor Bong, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Galeeveurs Group, local food will always be a fond favorite among Malaysians and demand for it will never dwindle.
“There is a continuous demand for local food, especially the exceptional ones. However, we see a plaguing problem of longstanding hawkers closing their stalls due to old age and unavailability to find successors to continue the business.”

Services & Process

“These services by Galeeveurs acts as a stepping stone for them to excel, where Galeeveurs steps in with a solution to mitigate the problem by not only providing strategic counselling but assisting in implementing the business. This solution benefits those without successors, young successors who wants to continue the legacy or for business newcomers interested to be in the F&B industry,” said Mr Victor.
“Additionally, Galeeveurs is looking for more partners that are keen to contribute and help us grow, as we are currently planning to expand and aiming for IPO listing,” he added.
In accordance with their expansion plan, to accommodate the brands under their wings Galeeveurs intends to build an incubator hub that serves not only as an incubation system, but is also in line with the Group’s direction of expanding the brand. Thus Galeeveurs is keen and motivated to invite F&B start-ups and business owners to flourish under this platform – growing together as a team under the umbrella of Galeeveurs Group. The hub will feature a co-working space that includes kitchen and bar facilities, showcase and launching pads and a place for conducting workshops.

During the announcement, Galeeveurs has also unveiled their partnerships with various establishments which include Golden Pencil, Marks Food Solution, Andamiro, Big Hub Education, and Culturalogy that will play significant roles in building, supporting and sustaining the incubator ecosystem. Additionally, these partnerships will strengthen their expansion in targeting for more F&B brands to join them on-board by end of the year 2019.

Galeeveurs, Malaysia 1st incubation ecosystem provides strategic counseling but also assist in expanding the business. For business newcomers interested to be in the F&B industry, the services by Galeeveurs acts as a stepping stone for them to excel.

Find out more about the incubator hub along with its services by contacting the team at [email protected].

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