Duritop 尚榴社会 offers the lowest price in town with only RM5/kg for Durian Kampung.

Last week, 25th – 26th June 2022, Duritop offered only RM5/kg for Durian Kampung. The real “Harga Durian Runtuh” for their customers at Fruits Park, Kepong Baru.


We manage to get Musang King A / B and also D24 at a very low price too. For every purchase (except Durian Kampung) made, customers will get FREE J33 jackfruit too!


Duritop offers the best quality even if you buy online.


Missed out on the RM5/KG Durian Kampung promo by Duritop 尚榴社会 and also the super low price promo for Musang King, D101, XO, and D24 last weekend⁉️


Don’t worry‼️ You can now order online at https://duritop.com.my/ and just wait for the durian to arrive at your doorstep! No more worries about the smell in your car too.

Homegrown Durian From Old Trees in Pahang Durian Orchard


Freshly picked for customer satisfaction and FREE DELIVER for selected Klang Valley areas OR purchase above RM300.


Great offers are available on the website now – https://duritop.com.my/

Do not miss out again on their great offers on-going now and get a Free Delivery!

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