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Corus Hotel KL Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur purely hand-crafted mooncake comes with Turquoise Autumn Maiden Premium Gift Box.

Corus Hotel Hand-Crafted Mooncakes

Corus hotel

Corus Hotel hand-crafted mooncakes come in various classic and modern flavors, such as Matcha, Pandan Lotus, and the favorite, Shanghai Lava Yolk.

Each mooncake is individually wrapped and we can mix and match any of the mooncakes of our choice and place them in the Premium Gift Box.

Pure Lotus Paste 纯真莲蓉 RM30
Golden Jade Single Yolk 翠绿龙珠 RM33
Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk RM33
Tropical Emerald 椰兰香思 RM33
Matcha Mochi Azuki 抹茶赤麻糬 RM33
Shanghai Lava Yolk 上海流心煌 RM33

Corus hotel

The Turquoise Autumn Maiden Premium Gift Box comes with 4 baked mooncakes priced at RM 132 for a set. Mooncake gift boxes are ready for collection and delivery from 3 August – 10 September 2022.

15% OFF with FREE Delivery within a 5km radius upon full payment of a minimum of 2 gift boxes.

corus hotel mooncake

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