Clean Hands, Use CLEANDS – Food Graded Sanitizer

Since the pandemic of COVID-19, I have been paranoid about almost everything. However, life still needs to move on especially with the practice of New Normal. So, sanitizer has been the most important essential for us now and CLEANDS is my choice for myself and my hubby.

CLEANDS, Medical Lab-Tested Product


CLEANDS is a medical lab-tested product whereby it is a food-grade safe sanitizer with

  • 100 % non-toxicity
  • No Chemicals
  • No Alcohol
  • No Paraben
  • No Preservatives

We love to use CLEANDS because it kills germs up to 99.9% with 24 hours protection. It also contains essential ingredients such as Ionized Nano Zinc.


For parents, you don’t have to be doubt about CLEANDS as it is delicate on baby skin and good for sensitive skin, such as eczema patients. It helps in healing wounds too.

Hygiene Mist 100ml


Hygiene Mist can be used on the face, from head to toe. Basically spray on the face, from head to toe, before wearing a mask and on the skin problems areas or wounds.

Environment Spray 500ml


Can be sprayed in indoor and outdoor surroundings or anywhere to disinfect and freshen the air, and also:-

  • Spray on the aircon and air purifier filter.
  • Fruit before putting it into the fridge.
  • On beds or fabrics to avoid odor.
  • Utensils when dining out before enjoying the foods.

Cleands products are now available on Lazada & Shopee

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