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Chinese Wedding Package at Resorts World Genting – A Great Destination For Your Wedding Reception

Resorts World Genting is a  Unique Dream Wedding Package for all bride-and-groom-to-be. Provides you not only delectable assortments but also timeless memories. Brings you and your guests a plethora of exciting attraction, from live entertainment and retail to dining and leisure.

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Chinese Wedding Package

Silver Package: RM1,688nett per table
Gold Package: RM2,188nett per table
Diamond Package: RM2,588nett per table

Validity: Until 31.12.2018 (Booking in advance for 2019 is applicable the same price)
Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Genting International Convention Centre

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9 – Course Banquet

Resorts World Genting

In Chinese wedding sets, a Four Seasons Combination Platters starts off the 9-course banquet, with the Silver, Gold and Diamond sets including variations on the requisite soup, poultry, fish, seafood and noodle/rice courses – each representing as an aspect of a successful marriage, including fidelity, abundance, fertility and longevity.

Four Seasons Combination Platter

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

5 types of hot and cold dish combination represent a dragon and phoenix [Ying and Yang] to symbolize the union of two mystical creatures. The phoenix represents good luck, beauty, and female energy. The dragon represents strength, creativity, and male energy.

Double Boiled Seafood Broth with Fish Maw, Top Shell and Bamboo Pith

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

A very nutritiously delicious soup with expensive ingredients, which signifies the future prosperity of the marriage.

Steamed Ranch Chicken with Fragrant Oil

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

Simple yet delicious using premium soy sauce. Chicken symbolizes peace and unity between people. (Doves of Peace)

Steamed Patin Rabang Fish with Golden Garlic

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

Using only fresh catch to serve and no muddy smell traced. Highly recommended. Fishes symbolize abundance in terms of business, lifestyle, and families.

Wolfberry Prawn with Superior Stock

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

Well, laughter and happiness are the most important for Chinese no matter where. With a little Shiao Xin wine, this dish is nutritious and tasty

Braised Sea Cucumber, Fresh Mushroom and Fresh Bran Curd with Seasonal Vegetables

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

Soft and tender sea cucumber braised and stir-fried together vegetables. These have a very smooth texture and are from the ocean. Literally, they symbolize “smooth sailing” for the couple’s relationship and close family ties. The Chinese phrase for ‘sea cucumber’ also sounds similar to ‘good heart’.

Yong Chow Fried Rice

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

A large dish of rice symbolizes a plentiful supply of food throughout the couples life. Look simple but truly flavorful and never stop your appetite to keep on eating.

Soy Bean in Grass Jelly and Longan

Complete your meal with 2 types of desserts served.

Sweet Fancy Dessert

Resorts World Genting - Wedding Package

Sweet dessert symbolizes sweet happiness that the newlyweds would share with all the guests invited.

Dinner Wedding Package includes:-

  • 9-course set dinner – Click here for the food review
  • Tea serving throughout the dinner
  • Free corkage (Hard liquor)
  • A bottle of champagne for toasting
  • Free one bottle of wine for each table
    (Only for a min. 20 tables)

For further details, please call +603 23016686 or email to [email protected] for venue viewings and inquiries.

Genting International Convention Centre (GICC)
Resorts World Genting,
Pahang, 69000 Genting Highlands

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