Cendolah: The First Ready-To-Drink Cendol Beverage in Malaysia | Media Preview

It was an honor to witness the launching of Cendolah – Malaysia very first Ready-To-Drink cendol by Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd

Cendolah: Easy Consumables Dessert


According to CNN, cendol was voted among the top 50 of the world’s best desserts. Also holds a special place in our heart whereby we can easily grab a bowl by the stalls and roadside vendors.


Today, we can even easily consume cendol in a Ready-To-Drink pouch. Mr. Vathumalaai Sooratanam @ Malai, the founder of Asia Innovative F&B Sdn Bhd who has devoted over 30 years of his life to food innovation created the idea of cendol in a pouch


The idea behind Cendolah is to make cendol more convenient for the people by reimagining it as an easily consumable. – said Malai

Cendolah with Halal, HACCP and MeSTI Certification


Cendolah is a proudly Malaysian product with 3 certifications – Halal, HACCP, and MeSTI.

Recipe using the right balance of sugar, carbohydrate, and protein. All these form a healthier version of the local favorite beverage.

Our Review

We personally like it as it is not a very sweet version. Just suits those who are not much into sugar friends.

It is a great innovation to allow Malaysians who living overseas to fix the craving for our Malaysia’s Most Favorite dessert.

Now we can get Cendolah from Mydin or purchase online via shopee. Retailing for as low as RM4.90 per sachet

For further information, kindly visit www.cendolah.com

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