Cellnique Glow Getter

Cellnique Glow Getter Set -Limited Edition

Having normal skin does not mean that we have no problem with it. The common thing that always happened for normal skin usually is a dehydrated skin problem. Well, this problem no more a problem for me until I got Cellnique Glow Getter

Glow Getter, Let’s Glow Together

Glow Getter set consists of 2 items. One Cellnique Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence and another one are MA18.

Cellnique Glow Getter

Use it Day & Night: Cellnique Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence has a nice fragrance smells and is super moisturizing. It also gives you an instant infusion of optimal skin-enhancing hydration for all day long

Refreshingly lush on the skin, yet dynamically protective, this lightweight, non-greasy essence tenaciously guard your skin against dryness by supporting your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Directions (am): Gently pat Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence on the entire face after cleansing and toning.

Cellnique Glow Getter

Only for Night Use: MA 18 with the purity and high potency of active ingredients, it helps to improve skin discoloration and make you look youthful and radiant again. Skin looks literally poreless and dewy, just like newborn baby’s skin

Directions (pm): After applying Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence, squeeze 2-3 drops of MA 18 onto the palm and apply it evenly on the face and neck until fully absorbed, followed by applying moisturizer.

Step 1: Cleanser
Step 2 : TonerStep
3: Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence Step
4: MA 18Step 4: Serum/moisturizer etc

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For more information, you may go to their website at https://www.cellnique.my/. Happy Using!!

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