CALLEBAUT Newly Launched Ruby RB2 Chocolates in Malaysia and 100% Dairy-free Chocolates, NXT

It’s such an honor to try out the newly launched CALLEBAUT ‘s Ruby RB2 Chocolates in Malaysia and 100% Dairy-free Chocolates, NXT.

CALLEBAUT Ruby RB2 Chocolates


Such a beautiful ruby color with distinctive intense fruitiness and also fresh sour notes, RB2. The 4th chocolate after dark, milk and white.

Using Ruby RB2 in artisan products is brilliant. Ruby RB2 is nature at its most indulgent. It has no artificial colorants or berry-like flavorings. It does taste like a berry yogurt.

CALLEBAUT NXT is 100% dairy-free, plant-based and vegan.

It still tastes the same as traditional chocolates. Perfect for me as a lactose intolerant person.

NXT is made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any detectable traces of milk or dairy.

Complying with the strictest food standards in the industry, NXT is produced in a dedicated facility where no dairy ingredients are processed, and NXT is made with sunflower lecithin and free of any artificial additives, flavorings, or colorants. 

According to Robert Kotuszewski, Managing Director of Barry Callebaut in Malaysia, the introduction of Callebaut ruby RB2 and NXT signal a renaissance for Malaysia’s chocolatiers, pastry chefs, artisans, bakers, hotels, restaurants, and caterers.

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