Kajang Perdana Avenue

Marilah Berbuka Puasa at Kajang Perdana Avenue with Azam Pandan

Berbuka Puasa at Kajang Perdana Avenue is one brilliant idea whereby this place is spacious and never worry about parking. From the F&B food consultant, Azam Pandan is one of the well-known caterers that provides Authentic Malay Buffet. Having more than 150 types of spreads including 10 different action stall. For sure our Kajang friends will enjoy their meals.

Kajang Perdana Avenue

Ramadan Buffet Promotion at Kajang Perdana Avenue

With only RM55.00 per adult and RM27.50 per child, diners get to enjoy more than 150 types of dishes here. They are having PROMOTION for the 1st week and the 4th Week of Ramadan month only at RM49.90 per adult

Sneak Peak on the Buffet Spreads

Let’s check out some of the buffet spread that been reviewed by us.

Kajang Perdana AvenueKajang Perdana Avenue Kajang Perdana Avenue

New Menu – Arab Cuisine

This is something new for 2018 Ramadan Buffet called Nasi Mandy with Chicken and Mutton.

Kajang Perdana Avenue

The marinated chicken is flavorful and the mutton is tender enough.

Sneak Peak on the Action Stall

There are about 10 action stalls ready to serve you such as Koay Teow Goreng Stall, Grilled Whole Chicken, Grilled Seafood, Pasta Stall and etc

Kajang Perdana AvenueKajang Perdana AvenueKajang Perdana AvenueKajang Perdana Avenue


Kajang Perdana Avenue

Lemang and Ketupat to complete the meaning of Ramadan.

Kajang Perdana Avenue

Assorted Fruits with Rojak Sauce, great for appetizer or dessert.

Kajang Perdana Avenue

Besides coffee, tea or Teh Tarik, there is also various type of drinks available.


Complete your meal with desserts. There are assorted Malay kuih, assorted pastries, ABC, Bubur Pengat, Assorted Fruits and much more.

Kajang Perdana Avenue Kajang Perdana Avenue

Remember to have your booking done earlier at 03 – 7840 0516 / 03 – 7843 0657.

To know more about Azam Pandan Food Consultant, you may visit www.azampandan.net

Kajang Perdana Avenue
Jalan Kajang Perdana 2/2,
Taman Kajang Perdana,
43000 Kajang, Selangor

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