BENTODON (II): Get Your Meal Box – DONBURI & VEGETARIAN with 22-Years Established Authentic Japanese Food [Pork-Free]


Bentodon, a new food delivery services which provide pre-ordering meal box for every of your event. Providing you the conveniences without burning your pocket.

BENTODON II Is all about DONBURI and Vegetarian Meal Box

Click here for Bentodon (I) Bento Meal Box

21 Menu Creation for Bentodon

Various selection of meal box you may select from chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian. Before the launching, a group of food reviewer and bloggers were given the opportunity to try taste the delectable 9 types of bento, 9 types don and 3 types of vegetarian. Each and every meal box was huge and worth money.

1. Tori Katsu Tamago Don | RM 21.70


Deep fried breadcrumbed chicken and later on cooked with onion egg. Tender and juicy chicken simmered in a sweet dashi and soy sauce broth with thinly sliced onion and a scrambled egg.

 2. Tori Teriyaki Don| RM21.70


Sweet-savory teriyaki sauce drizzled with white sesame sprinkled on top of the chicken. Really a big portion of one person. Satisfied!

3. Seafood Yaki Udon | RM 22.70


Chewy tangy udon fried with seafood and cabbage. The savory flavor of sauce makes the bowl of udon so delicious. Topped with Bonito Flakes.

4. Tori Katsu Curry Don | RM 22.70


I am never fancy of Japanese curry but i could say that, this chicken cutlet wrapped with Japanese curry was really awesome. It don’t taste sweet like what I had before. This Japanese curry is so aromatic and mouthwatering. Worth to try!!

5. Sake Butter Yaki Don | RM 23.70


A bowl of rice topped with delectable salmon grilled with butter sauce. If you are salmon lover, this is highly recommended to you!

6. Gyu Don | RM23.70


Thinly sliced beef cooked simmered with vegetables tare glaze. A scrumptious bowl of beef donburi.

7. Golden Tendon | RM 23.70


Deep fried seafood and vegetable tempura with Ten Dashi. A soup stock made of infusions of foods.

8. Smoked Duck Tamago Don | RM25.70


Heavenly delicious. A bowl of rice topped with tasty and delicious smoked duck with sweet-savory onion egg.

9. Unagi Kabayaki Don | RM 33.70


Most favorable meal by many diners. Japanese eel perfectly grilled and topped with sweet and delicate sweet sauce.

Vegetarian Meal

1. Kaki Age Don | RM 19.70


Deep fried assorted vegetables tempura served with rice and drizzled with sweet sauce.

2. Yasai Yaki Udon | RM 19.70


Even vegetarian friend can enjoy the Vegetarian udon. Love the crunchy chewed vegetables fried together with chewy udon.

3. Crispy Breaded Tofu Steaks Bento | RM 20.70


Fresh and soft tofu pan fried with kimchi sauce. Highly recommended.

Remember to check out on Bentodon (I) for Bento Meal Box. There are total 9 Bento for you to choose.


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