BENTODON (I): Get Your Meal Box – BENTO with 22-Years Established Authentic Japanese Food [Pork-Free]

Bentodon, a new food delivery services which provide pre-ordering meal box for every of your event. Providing you the conveniences without burning your pocket.

BENTODON works exclusively with experienced chef

Bentodon meals were created by the master chef,  Chef Shoimi with his 18 years experience in Japanese cuisine. With his experienced and his creation, for sure everyone would love Bentodon meal box.

If you are looking for a meal box to cater for your upcoming gathering, management meeting, Director meeting, AGM or corporate event, BENTODON is always ready to accept any bulk pre-order.

Bentodon first successful order before the launching

21 Menu Creation for Bentodon

Various selection of meal box you may select from chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian. Before the launching, a group of food reviewer and bloggers were given the opportunity to try taste the delectable 9 types of bento, 9 types don and 3 types of vegetarian. Each and every meal box was huge and worth money.

1. Sushi Maki Bento | RM 21.70


Craving for sushi maki? Then this should be your choice. Freshly make upon order.

 2. Tori Teriyaki Bento | RM22.70


The most popular Japanese chicken dish loved by everyone. Love the sweet-savory teriyaki sauce that drizzled on top the chicken.

3. Tori Shogayaki Bento | RM 22.70

Stir-fried chicken with flavorful ginger infused sauce. The chicken tenderized by marinating it in a ginger sauce before cooking. It is a tantalizing meal box.

4. Combo Bento | RM 22.70


Crispy fried chicken served with aromatic garlic fried rice. This fried rice is full of garlic, very aromatic and it is just so delicious.

5. Tori Katsu Bento | RM 22.70


Deep-fried breadcrumbed chicken cutlet one to two centimeters thick that was sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips. This is my highly recommended meal box.

6. Char Grilled Saba Bento | RM23.70


Grilled mackerel fish with fragrance butter shoyu sauce. A very appetizing meal, something really pleasant to the sense of taste.

7. Wafu Hambagu Bento | RM 23.70

Scrumptious Japanese-style hamburger eaten without a bun. Juicy and flavorful meat patties garnished demi-glazed sauce.

8. Gyu Yakiniku Bento | RM23.70


Mouthwatering sauteed beef with onions and chef’s special sauce. Thin slices of beef and a tasty marinade ensures you will have a pleasant meal.

9. Sake Teppanyaki Bento | RM 27.70


Sake Teppanyaki means salmon grilling on an iron plate. A thick slab of fatty salmon was so fresh and juicy with a special gravy drizzle on top.

Let’s check out Bentodon (II) for donburi and vegetarian meal box

BENTODON (II) – Donburi & Vegetarian Meal Box

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