ANSON KOPI & PATISSERIE @ Twin Arkz, Bukit Jalil

This place is so NEW and they’ve got pretty interesting food menu. We personally love the overall ambiance of coziness of the place with a little touch up of decoration.

Anson is not only about Kopi & Patisserie but Nasi Lemak, Baked Chicken, Prawn Mee and etc!

Anson don’t serve pork and suitable for chicken lover friends.

“Nice Simple Christmas Feel”

Located at the Ground Floor of Twin Arkz whereby you can see right in front of the Security Post

Serving various kind of foods; from Breakfast to Lunch; From High Tea to Dinner.


Sous Vide ‘Kampung” Egg Lover Best combination with Thick White Bread (Toasted).

 PERFECT MATCH for the combination Butter + Kaya

Using only Good Quality butter and Kaya Green (Pandan Flavor)

Which one do you like?

Butter/Kaya/Peanut Butter

This one just toasted perfectly even after 30 mins, the crunchiness still there.

WE ORDERED FOR SECOND PLATE after finishing the first one.

** Never forget to order their Kopi/Teh/Cham.

TRY CHAM!!! Hainam Style (more to tea flavor)

Look at that~!! Perfect bathed eggs!

 Highly Recommended! It’s a must try food!

Serving one of the best Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng in town.

The rice is fluffy and rich in coconut flavor and the aroma could just stay in your breath.

The chicken is not only crispy but secret recipe in the marination makes the whole plate of nasi lemak mouthwatering.

Anson also serves mouthwatering Nasi Lemak Sotong and Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken

 Best combination with Longan Tea Special and the tea they used is a only PREMIUM tea.

We never tried it before until we had this~

Miss Sarawak Food?

Sarawak Baked Chicken ~ Using the only Special Sauces all the way from Sarawak

Not everyday you can grab this.

Wanna know why? Go grab it and you will know why.

The wedges~ never too dry never too oily and dip it with Cheesy Sauce…

You may go finger licking!

 This reminds us on our childhood moment.

A very “Kochabi” flavor of Prawn Mee

(In Penang, we called this Hokkien Mee)

The prawns were big and very fresh and served perfectly with the sambal.

 Looking for “Kochabi” taste Char Kuey Teow?

Yes! Anson is serving this delicious char kuey teow with big fresh prawns and duck egg.

(It reminds our Crew’s Childhood: Taking this with a plate of white rice)

The combination of Grill and Fried Gyoza Dumpling

especially for Foodilifecious Crew.

Delicious and delicate gyoza filled with ground chicken and veggie

and the dipping sauce make the gyoza even tasty and yummy.


Rich enough to experience the egg tarts which just melted in your mouth from the moment you put into your mouth.

Those food taster (Not eater) will just close up their eyes and enjoy the smell of freshly baked tart.

Superb rich flavour of “Cempedak” Cake topped with Macaroon was the saving grace, fresh and fluffy cake at the bottom

Fine green tea powder is infused into every layer of the Anson Green Tea Mille Crepe

Powdered green tea on top

What are you waiting for?

This is one of the best cafe serving Hainanese Kopi & Teh with their Signature Dishes

Where else in Bukit Jalil?

A place worth to visit.

There are more to come for us to write about Anson’s foods and patisserie




  • Twin Arkz , Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Ground Floor, Right opposite the Guard House)



  • 012 299 9766


Business Hour:

  • Daily 9am – 11pm