AFY Haniff D’Menc Air & Fabric Freshener – The NEW FORMULATED For Long Lasting Scents

Check this out!! AFY Haniff D’menc freshener products have been reformulated for a better and long lasting scents. No more worries for coming up Raya celebration!

AFY Haniff Freshener – D’Menc Fabric Freshener

Today we wanna share how much we love this D’menc Fabric Freshener.

D;menc Fabric Freshener

This fabric freshener has been reformulated for better and long lasting scents. Even the packaging now looks even exclusive.

D’menc fabric freshener comes in 4 different scents – Breeze Vanilla, Refreshing Lemon Tree, Calming Lavender, and Romantic Strawberry

d'menc fabric freshener

Each scent has its unique aroma and best to use on any fabric like curtains, mattress, pillowcase and we even spray on carpets.

We even found that it leaves no stain at all after using it.

d'menc freshener

The new formulated comes with malodour counteractant technology. It means eliminates unpleasant odors according to the principle of odor pair neutralization.

Besides the refreshing scents, it also kills 99.9% germs!!

AFY Haniff Freshener – D’menc Air Freshener

We would love to share about D’menc Air freshener too. One of the best air freshener we had tried and the scents never too strong for you to put in the car.

D’menc Air freshener comes with 4 fruity scents and 4 flowers/leave scents – Lavender, Pandan Leaves, Autumn, Vanilla, Tutty Fruity, Green Apple, Sparkling Lemon & Honey Dew. All 100% original essential oils. Suitable to use in car, wardrobe, bedroom and living hall.

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Be a smart consumer and choose the best for yourself. To know more about AFY Haniff products, you may visit the links below:-


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