72 Change: Help To Ease Itchy Scalp & Hair Problem with NON-Chemical Protein Treatment – Editor’s Pick

Recently, many have been facing scalp itchiness due to the weather Malaysia. Well, our editor would love to share her experience with 72 Change Hair Salon – Cheras Outlet.

72 Change Hair Salon

Perm, Treatment or Dye – Always ask the expert advice first – 72 Change Hair Salon Cheras Outlet

72 Change Hair Salon

What would you do if you are not sure what to do with your hair especially when you are having virgin hair? – Never dye, straighten or perm before.

72 Change Hair Salon

Well, always ask the expert before any decision making. Else, your money gonna be wasted. Besides checking on the scalp and hair condition, they will also check on your working schedule.

Well, for those who are always busy with scheduled work, it is advised not to perm your hair. This is because perming hair needs a good daily discipline to take care of our hair and blow it well to maintain the curl.said Jun

Protein Treatment for Scalp & Hair – The NON-Chemical Treatment

72 Change Hair Salon

Many women love to do hair treatment. This is because of the after-treatment result that gives comfort to the scalp, hair softness and manageable. However, according to the survey and past experience, the satisfaction won’t last long. Some less than a week.

72 Change Hair Salon

Today, we would love to share this Protein Treatment at 72 Change Hair Salon – Cheras Outlet. It is a NON-Chemical used treatment for both scalp and hair. Only 6 steps, you can see the amazing results.

6 Steps Protein Treatment72 Change Hair Salon

First, get your hair wash with Thin & Oily Shampoo by Konsenze. It contains a unique activated carbon extract that calms the activity of the sebaceous glands. It contains also the cleaning agent that cleans hair deep down to the root that promotes a healthy scalp.

72 Change Hair Salon

Second, apply Toxic Remover Essence that penetrates deeply, which is required for complete and effective hair detoxification. A light massage to help the absorption and a 4 minutes rest before wash down.

72 Change Hair Salon

No more tangled, frizzy, dry hair or non-manageable hair. Next step will be to rebuild and strengthen hair shaft with Aqua Bank Therapy. This therapy will also help to prevent breakage and repairs damaged hair. The result is amazingly great. Resulting in soft, vibrant and manageable hair.

Iron heat was used to warm up the hair shaft to help in protein absorption that resulting hair strengthen.

After washing it again,  the next step will be using Leave in Aqua that leaves hair naturally radiant. It helps to nourish and moisture our hair,

Additional special steps – Helps to moisture the hair evenly.

The last step of the treatment – Jojoba Complex Therapy. Provides rich hydrogenated jojoba oil and wheat protein fills in porosity gaps, bind to damage places and leave hair healthy shine and silky

Tadaa… There goes the result!! It has been 10 days after doing this Protein Treatment and the hair still as soft as the first time and tangle frizzy free!!!!

For more information about 72 Change Hair Salon – Cheras Outlet., you can check out their facebook or Instagram.

72 Change Hair Salon

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