2020 Viral Health and Beauty Blogs

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding myself at home from viral trends in health and beauty blogs this year. If you have been keeping tabs, you’ll notice that a lot of skincare companies have shifted into sustainable practices. They ditched harmful ingredients and innovated on natural sources instead. And being a girl who supports green-living, I am all in for the trends this year.

If you haven’t decided to jump in the current trend, visit this health and beauty blog. Find every reason to start living pretty naturally.

Health and Beauty Blogs

MummyJene – A Working Mother Blogger

Jene See is the inspiration behind this natural beauty and wellness blog. She has collated rich resources on natural cosmetics and beauty product reviews, healthy hints, beauty-enhancing recipes, eco-beauty lifestyle tricks, natural health information, yoga, and so much more. Jene See is a firm believer that natural beauty radiates from within. Thus, she provides resources for internal and external components of beauty.

To get a feel of her health and beauty blog, check this list of her featured articles:

Among all her contents, I gravitated towards the natural beauty category. It’s complete with tips, guides, and information on various needs. It has resources on skincare, makeup, hair, and body. I also like her work at home category. 

Check my favorite articles below:

Health and Beauty Blogs


Most of Jene’s blogs included brands for natural products. This is her forte, finding the brands that she tested herself and will put her name on it. I love her honesty and the integrity of her lifestyle. She is a true inspiration that we only need the basics to stay happy and beautiful. If you’re finding it hard to find similar brands that she is using, she created a page that focuses on finding ingredients to avoid. Check it here.
To help you more, here is a list of guides when choosing natural products.

  • Know which ingredients to avoid
  • Be creative and shop local
  • Check label certificates

Another tip I like to share is having the right expectation when shifting to organic products.

  • Organic skin care products have a shorter shelf life than those with additives and preservatives
  • Natural or organic skincare products are more expensive because it’s harder to source and it takes longer to test

Similar to your food choices, do not expect fast foods to be healthy or your organic food to last longer.

Top Natural Health and Beauty Blogs

You can also check other bloggers in the field for more inspiration.

Health and Beauty Blogs
  • Organic Bunny
  • Natural beauty workshop
  • Viva woman

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