Wetzel’s Pretzel Your Fun Bite Snack [Review]

Wetzel’s Pretzel Your Fun Bite Snack [Review]

Wetzel’s Pretzel is a California-based franchise baked soft, chewy pretzel with wide varieties of toppings and refreshing lemonade. The products to be discarded to ensure the freshness of the pretzels after every 30 minutes.

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Wetzel's Pretzel

Taste Fresh and Hot From The Oven

Original Plain, Almond Crunch, Pepperoni Twist, Wetzel dogs (Sausage wrapped in pretzel dough) and their current bestseller, the Garlic Butter Cheese Pretzel are the among hot pick pretzels.

Wetzel's Pretzel

Wetzel's Pretzel

Non-sugar pretzel is one of my favorites pretzel whereby I need not worry about the unhealthy snack I took.


Wetzel's Pretzel

Pepperoni Twist one of those signature pretzels that loved by many diners.


Wetzel's Pretzel

Almond crunch tasted as crunchy as its name. I could say this is delicious.


Wetzel's Pretzel

Garlic Butter Cheese Pretzel, one of the best seller at Wetzel’s Pretzel.


Wetzel's Pretzel

Wetzel Dogs, one of many favorites for its delicious sausage wrapped in soft pretzel dough.

Thanks to Kiple and Wetzel’s Pretzel for the invitation to learn how to make our owns pretzel. Well, I could say it was not as easy as we see it.

Wetzel's Pretzel

Mr. Choo Cheng Fei, operations director of Pretzwork Sdn Bhd, the company behind Wetzel’s Pretzels Malaysia was teaching the children on how to make delicious pretzel

Wetzel's Pretzel

Yea, we were busy preparing our own pretzel.

Wetzel's Pretzel

Wetzel's Pretzel

The pretzels almost ready.

Wetzel's Pretzel

Tadaa! This is my very own version of Garlic Butter Cheese Pretzel. Taste so delicious and soft.

Wetzel's Pretzel

Get your favorite pretzels now at Wetzel’s Pretzels. For more information, you may visit their FACEBOOK

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  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    must be so much fun getting to try to make your own pretzels….. Wish I can try that too

  • Shubhada Bhide

    Wow! Must be so fun making your own pretzels. I love pretzels – especially the cheese and almond varieties.

  • Wow! Look so yummy~ I want to try your Garlic Butter Cheese Pretzel =D

  • 719 Shan

    Never try this brand before! will try one day!

  • Jia Shin Lee

    Yummy I love pretzel wondering if this is better than auntie anne’s

  • Tengkubutang Miaw

    Never try pretzel before! will try one day..

  • Woah. I have never try pretzel before. But then it looks so tempting here! I wanna try!

  • Iman Abdul Rahim

    I haven’t tried this before. My go-to pretzel is always Aunty Anne’s. Will try this one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alex “Le lion” O’ Connor

    That’s quick a interesting article. I hope you had fun while writing this article….Wanted to ask if you click your own blog pics? They do look fair enough

  • Eomeoni Jessie

    Yummy dear iwant to try too. It’s time to divert from aunty annes. Hehe

  • Shannon Goh

    OMG they can make themselves! How cute ? Their garlic butter cheese looks nice =D

  • Yee Wee Ling

    The Wetzel’s Pretzels was so much fun to make. I love the honey and sunflower seed toppings.

  • Yummy! I missed this event ? but not convenient also cos I’ll be babywearing and making pretzels along the way… Abit… Inconvenient lolxxzz my baby will be happy to eat flour if I were to attend ahahhaa… I love the garlic cheesy pretzel u made though! For sale? Hehe

  • Rawlins Glam

    Tried Almond crunch before and I loved it! Gonna come back for more soon.

  • Lia Hasty

    Almond crunch pretzel look so yummy.

  • Emily Lowe

    Can you believe that I have never eaten pretzels before? This is not to say that there is none in Ipoh, where I live. I just never found them appealing. Maybe I should give them a chance, eh?

  • Li Ya Na

    when i visit the curve I am definitely going to try their garlic cheese…even at the sound of it , it sounds delicious…hahhaha

  • cindyrina

    So much fun to make your own pretzel. I want this too.

  • Alex “Le lion” O’ Connor

    Don’t need a review on pretzels ?i absolutely love emmmm. Yumm yummm

  • Sharon Lee

    Hows the taste of your own handmade pretzels? Looks so good and yummy leh!

  • Luqman Zakaria

    Omg! yummilicious!

  • pretzels are always nice! yum… but eat too much, fat fat lo.

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    my daughter and I LOVE pretzels…. would love to have some more of these