FRESH Seafood | AMAZING Fusion Chinese Food | only at THREE BROTHERS, Shah Alam Malaysia [REVIEW]

FRESH Seafood | AMAZING Fusion Chinese Food | only at THREE BROTHERS, Shah Alam Malaysia [REVIEW]

Only 20 minutes drive from Kota Damansara – Fresh Oyster, Giant Garoupa, Ibericos Rib and much more were waiting for us at Three Brothers.


Located along the shop lot at Seksyen U5, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Shah Alam. A Chinese restaurant selling imported fresh oysters, fresh ocean trouts, and giant garoupa. Not only that, Three Brothers also selling delicious Iberico and other fusion food that just satisfy our taste buds.

I felt so blessed for being invited to taste out some of their top-selling dishes.


A Japanese twist dish – Scramble Egg with Crabmeat topped with Tobiko. It was so delish and appetizing. All you have to do is grab a slice of lettuce and scoop the scramble eggs onto it. Not to forget to spread the specially made chili sauce on it before you eat it.

Three Brothers

Only delicious appetizer could satisfy our appetite before the main course.


Steamed Garlic Oyster, one of the best ways to cook Cantonese style – The taste was succulents and fresh.

Three Brothers

Most of us love having raw oyster. However, for those stomachs can’t handle raw, this way of cooking is perfect for them

Three Brothers


The geoduck (but pronounced gooey-duck) is a bivalve clam with an elephant trunk-like siphon protruding out of its shell, usually found in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

At Three Brothers, this double boiled soup were boiled long hours to extract the natural sweetness and nutrition from all the ingredients inside the pot. Double boiled soup is a well-known traditional soup among Chinese and if possible, soup is a must dish in every meal.

Highly recommended!


Dazzle your palate with this clay pot style braised giant garoupa with black garlic and bamboo shoots. Those who dislike the taste of bamboo shoot, don’t have to worry as it was not smelly and yet was crunchy in every bite.

Besides tasting the fresh giant garoupa, black garlic is also one of the main ingredients on braising the fish. It tasted sweet meet savory – a perfect mix. The clay pot – delicious as it’s unique.

Three Brothers


Wagyu is to beef, Iberico is to pork – revered for its quality meat. If you are a fan of this premium pork rib, look no further than Three Brothers. 

The lightly rubbed ribs with some seasonings before roasting – tasted incredibly tender, juicy yet with light tautness in the texture of the premium pork rib. It’s so enjoyable!

Three Brothers


Creamy, cheesy and loaded with fresh seafood, baked on a loaf of crisp bread. This was a rich comfort food must have in here.


The pigs are fed on grain and the meat is cured for up to 24 months. Really goes perfectly with the bite of sweet rock melon and blended well with my glass of red wine. The best ever dessert I had so far in Chinese Restaurant.

Well, that’s my scrumptious dinner at Three Brothers. Not only about the delectable food served but also the friendliness from the owner, Shawn and staffs.
For more stories about Three Brothers, you may visit their FACEBOOK. 

To avoid any disappointment, it is advisable to make early reservation for your table and IBERICO PORK RIB

Restoran Three Brothers (FACEBOOK)
23, Jalan Bulan U5/Ca,
Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Subang 2
40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 012-315 2953 / 012-315 2053
Open Daily
Mon – Sat: 10am – 3pm / 5pm – 10pm
Sun: 4pm – 10pm

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  • Emily Lowe

    Of all the different cuisines available, Chinese is the one that I like the best. I would love to give this fusion touch a try because it is different yet still maintained Chinese.

  • Absolute Yana

    Aww….I wish it was pork free..T.T The food variety looks so yummy..Oh well…happy enjoying the meal for those who can go!

  • Rawlins Glam

    I know a bunch of my great friends who would be jumping out and down when seeing all those delicious food. Thanks for your recommendation

  • Iman Abdul Rahim

    The oyster looks so delicious. But it’s not pork free right 🙁

  • Shah Alan seems to be quite happening recently, lots of food and shopping places to visit

  • Irismyra

    Nice to see.. Hope nice to taste hahaa..

  • I love the black garlic braised giant garoupa and the scrambled eggs. Delicious!

  • Kylie Wenn

    I love seafood… It looks so yummy! Just can’t resist… Wanna go eat d.

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    I bertahan liao. I want to try their food especially oyster and ribs.

  • emi

    Whoaaa, the seafood really looks yummy. The oyster especially.

  • Sharon Lee

    Reading this makes me feel hungry!! hoho!! I love this kind of fusion food!

  • Kelly Chin

    Their food looks good, especially the oysters.

  • Ohh… yum. Your post makes me salivating all the wonderful dishes especially the huge oyster.