New Look of Theme Park Hotel  | Resort World Genting [REVIEW]

New Look of Theme Park Hotel | Resort World Genting [REVIEW]

Theme Park Hotel in Resorts World Genting is having a whole new look and creative exterior and interior too. This hotel was one of the oldest hotel at Resort World Genting.

The New Look – Theme Park Hotel

The new Theme Park Hotel is giving you a feel with full of excitement and old school feels. Besides that, it gave you a “Wonderland” feels – Alice with gigantic world wonderland.

Theme Park Hotel

One funny feeling when I see this. Thinking of how to get up to there. Well, I don’t manage but with a little help from a friend, I got it there.

Theme Park Hotel


This ‘giant’ Chair if for the guests to sit while waiting for check-in. Besides, this ‘giant’ chair there is also another corner that looks like a waiting area but when looking into it clearly, it was a trick mirror.

The Quads Room & The Sixer Room

The new Theme Park Hotel is maintaining the numbers of the room from the previous hotel, 448 rooms. But with a brand new look and exciting design. There are a lot of line art and cartoon in the rooms

Hotel On The Park Genting Theme Park Hotel

As you can see, the rooms now featured a lot built in style to keep the room even more spacious. A tatami-style raised platform with 2 queen-size beds and another one was at the top with additional built-up platform that holds size visitors in a room

Hotel On The Park Genting Theme Park Hotel

Coming up there are more featured rooms with panorama stunning view of natural mountain forests – 4 Honeymoon Suites. The suites, designed around the four fun stages of romance – courtship, proposal, wedding, and honeymoon – are all executed as stand-alone units, unique in décor, feel and furnishing.

Hotel On The Park Genting Hotel On The Park Genting

Vending Machine for in-house guests convenience in grabbing some light snacks or beverages

Hotel On The Park Genting

What amazed me the most is this special room for elderly or disable (OKU). It is very spacious enough for a wheelchair to come in and they even have this adjustable bed with remote for the elderly comfort.

Hotel On The Park Genting


Hotel On The Park Genting

Specially designed bathroom for this room.

Not to forget also – A Grab & Go concept F&B Outlet at Lobby Area

Hotel On The Park Genting

This is a Grab & Go Concept where all guests can get their breakfast or snacks at here. Etopia is located in the lobby of the family-oriented hotel. From Sandwich to pastry, from salad to nasi lemak, from chill to heat-and-go and pasta as well.

Hotel On The Park Genting

 Oh Ya, Something to add on!

Get your coffee fix in your room and not to worries about forgetting your toilet amenities or towel anymore as in Theme Park Hotel, all this will be provided.

Hotel On The Park Genting Theme Park Hotel


For more Information, just check out on their website: .


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  • MissJasJas

    I want to stay in the hotel too!! <3


  • Really chic and fun hotel to stay. I want to go back soon. Lol

  • Emily Lowe

    This hotel is really unforgettable. It stands out from conventional hotels. Even adults love this simple but cute theme.

  • Pivoine Peony

    Arr.. So nice after I seen so many review bout this Hotel on the park. I’m still hopping can get a good rate to book this for my kids next holiday.

  • Gaylen Hong

    Omg. I have heard so much.

  • JR and Kathy Mortel

    We like the theme, it is so unique! Would love to stay there!

  • Jessy Ong

    Wao ! Better than First World Hotel :O
    Will give a try on my next visit.

  • Wui Kathy

    Love the symbol signs on the wall of room. Creative!

  • 719 Shan

    Seem so funny! Will go there one day!

  • Yee Wee Ling

    I love to stay at Hotel On The Park. The rooms look so spacious and can accomodate 6 people.

  • iamthebluedevil

    Love the photos! Hope I could visit someday

  • Sreekar Harinatha

    Seems a nice and quirky place. Would love to check tis out sometime!

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    I definitely love this hotel and my husband too since he can smoke in the hotel… staying in a hotel that imposes no smoking can be hard on him.. lol

  • The hotel room is very large and is ideal for a family with very simple and attractive decor. It gives another holiday atmosphere ok nice thank you

  • Jason Tan-Ah Joo

    i love this hotel very much. many things to explore inside too~~~~

  • ora

    I like the concept of this hotel especially the bed are very suitable for elderly or disable (OKU). Not all hotel have this facilities.