Beautiful Dinner Spot on Balcony with Live Music & Saxophone Play | Terrace Bar and Grill, The KL Journal

Beautiful Dinner Spot on Balcony with Live Music & Saxophone Play | Terrace Bar and Grill, The KL Journal

Feeling a little more intimate evening with your loved one while dining on the balcony, Terrace Bar and Grill will be one of non-regretable dining place. Terrace Bar is also an ideal place for family gathering, private party or celebration. Not only at Terrace Bar, a pool party is available too upon inquiry.

Terrace Bar and Grill, The KL Journal Hotel

Terrace Bar and Grill is located on Level 1 of The KL Journal Hotel, Bukit Bintang. It takes advantage of its location with discreet background music, allowing for easy conversation and giving the place a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

Terrace Bar and Grill,The Journal KL

Terrace Bar serves the usual variety of beers, wines, but the cocktails are really one of the main reasons to come for. Ladies get their free cocktail on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Not only that, as they are having LIVE performance as well.

Tuesday: Blue Note Music
Thursday: Open Mic Malaysia
Saturday: Acoustic Guitar & Saxophone

Terrace Bar and Grill,The Journal KL

One of the Special Fish Head Curry for up to 6 pax only at RM50.00nett?!

Terrace Bar and Grill,The Journal KL

One of Top Selling at Terrace Bar and Grill, The KL Journal. Fleshy fish head curry, immersed in tangy coconut cream curry cooked with veggies, and special imported spices. I could say there is no part of the fish more flavourful or tender than the head but at Terrace Bar and Grill, the whole fish tasted awesome and tender. The fish head we had was huge, meaty and fresh. This creamy curry makes a luxurious meal served with rice, vegetable acar, and papadum.

Always make your reservation an hour earlier for this mouthwatering and aromatic fish head curry.

Terrace Bar and Grill,The Journal KL

The Fish Head Curry comes with fragrance rice for 4 to 6 pax, papadum and vegetable acar.

Unique Beef Rendang using Imported Spices

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

What makes this Rendang so special here? Well, you will never know until you tasted it. Besides stewed in coconut milk, this special Beef Rendang is using unique mix spices imported from another country (Not to reveal as it supposes to be a secret recipe).

Signature Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

Wagyu beef patties were tender and juicy and it has everything you expected. Wagyu beef make fantastic burgers and if you haven’t had one then this should not be missed! Side serves with Fried Sweet Potatoes.

Fish & Chips

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

A crispy and comforting plate of traditional fish and chips is simply irresistible. It was well-seasoned and highly-flavored served with fried sweet potatoes, tartar sauce and lemon slice.

Chicken Meatball

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

Enjoying this delectable, juicy chicken meatball cooked in rich, herby tomato sauce. These Chicken Meatballs are lip-smackingly delicious.

Angus Beef Goulash

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

A hearty aromatic Angus Beef Goulash that was supremely tender and naturally flavorful. This was a different twist on an old classic.

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

A Malay style long-grained fried rice with sunny side up, fish crackers and chicken satay. All-time favorite dish by the city folks in Malaysia.

Grilled Chicken / Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

Chicken and beef skewer with peanut dipping sauce. One of the well-known dish called Satay in Malaysia. A side serve with cucumbers, onions and steamed rice. This peanut sauce adds a wonderful flavor to chicken or beef satay, irresistible pleasure!

Well, I could say I have been here more than 3 times after my first tried on their food and hear the best vocals from the Open Mic #3 night here.

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

This is Farmer’s Chicken Pie and I had it on 30/9/17 – After a long walk alone at KL City without realizing, I had reached The KL Journal. I manage to settle down myself with two glasses of Ladies Night Cocktail and this heartwarming chicken pie.

Terrace Bar and Grill,The KL Journal

Last but not least thanks to Management of The KL Journal, Mr. Ramesh (GM), Mr. Khairil (DOSM) & Mr. Jimmy (FBM) for such a wonderful invitation and great hospitality! Not to forget also AJ Bro & Kellaw Bro for your nice companion throughout the review. Terima Kasih.

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Address: No. 30 Jalan Beremi,
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2110 2211
Fax: +603 2110 1100


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  • Emily Lowe

    I’ve heard so much about The KL Journal. Looking at the dishes, and imagining the ambience on a weekend night, I really must check it out one day.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    How beautiful is this place for a couple or friends hangout! The food looks scrumptious too. Lovely!

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    Not only the view is gorgeous. Delicious food, good company and some background live music. Loving this.

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    I must say that im a sucker for the venue. Its so prettyyy! Price isnt that bad too.

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    Oh my! RM50 for 6 for that beautiful curry fish head in the middle of KL? Thanks for sharing the new location for food.

    • Racheal Loh

      yes Rawlins, and you should try the rendang as well… SEDAP!

  • Yee Wee Ling

    All the food look so delicious. Want to try the Nasi Goreng Kampung and Curry Fish Head.

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    one of my favorite places to hang out in the centre of the golden triangle.. it is a great deal , great food, reasonable prices and super cosy and gorgeous ambience… what more can you ask for

  • Natsumi Flanella

    Syoknya! Tempting tengok kari kepala ikan tu harganya pun okay sangat untuk 6 orang! 😀

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    that fish head curry and the wagyu beef burger is something I really want to eat right now after seeing the pictures…damn this place is sooo good…(visually, since I haven’t been there)

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