Sukkiri Cha: Japanese Traditional Tea | Good for Constipation and Digestion

Sukkiri Cha: Japanese Traditional Tea | Good for Constipation and Digestion

As a food blogger, almost every day we have food reviews and definitely, we will be eating all the time. So sometimes will be facing some indigestion issue and slowly I faced constipation. Luckily I had tried Sukkiri Cha that could relieve my constipation. Besides that, it helps me in my digestion after consuming it after my food review.

Sukkiri Cha – Good for Constipation and Digestion

Sukkiri Cha containing 6 types of ingredients

  • Helianthus Tuberosus
  • Sickepod Seeds
  • Acanthus Morning Candle Foliage
  • Lemon Grass
  • Camelia Sinesis
  • Roseship

There are 3 benefits of the tea

  1. Maintain Good Health
  2. Relieve Stomach Constipation
  3. Promote Digestion

There is 3 strengths and effect you can choose for constipation relieve:

  1. 2 minutes (Light)
  2. 3 minutes (Standard)
  3. 5 minutes (Strong)

You can get the product from below:-

Village Grocer outlet as below:
Mont Kiara
KL Gateway

All Health Lane Pharmacy:
Online store Shoppu (AEON Group)

Sukkiri Cha English website.

My Reviews

I really enjoyed drinking Sukkiri Cha. Every evening, I will definitely have 1 pack to drink it and at the beginning, I do face immediate effect as my constipation was quite serious. However, after a few times consuming, I have no more problem with my bladder anymore.


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  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    Really feel like I need this Sukiri Cha… Would help me detox a bit.. haahaha

  • How’s the taste like? Is it very strong lemongrass smell?


  • This is something I need now. Hope we have it here in our country. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jia Shin Lee

    Owhhh nice product, will check this out and give it a try!

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Seem good but will emergency run to toilet. Scare drive half way n look for toilet neh. I want to try this.

  • Kylie Wenn

    Never try this tea before.. Looks good and nice.. wanna try!

  • MissJasJas

    Never heard this tea before. It seems very good!


  • Sharon Lee

    Looks nice though! First time hearing about this brand of tea! Time to indulge some nice and healthy tea!

  • Emily Lowe

    I’ve not heard about this tea before but I do depend on detox tea regularly to clear my guts. Will try this one day upon your recommendation.

  • Kelly Chin

    I think i need this tea to easy my digestion and detox.

  • Gaylen Hong

    Does it really work? I need something like this to detox …

  • Thanks for sharing about it! It’s relateable since I do have constipation sometimes too. How’s the taste like btw?

  • Tengkubutang Miaw

    Will try this one day upon your recommendation.