NON MSG Authentic Thai Food | Moo Kata | BBQ | BEER STEAMBOAT – Only at SOI19

NON MSG Authentic Thai Food | Moo Kata | BBQ | BEER STEAMBOAT – Only at SOI19

Get yourself stumbled into this cozy restaurant called SOI19 that served only Authentic Thai food with their great service experience. SOI19 is located at Kuchai Lama, left shop lot along the turning road from Old Klang Road to Kuchai Lama (Same row with Nova Gold Club)

SOI19 Signage at the road side
Left: SOI19 Mookata & Jim Jom | Right: 19th Street Kanom (Thai Cafe)
Cozy Ambiance

SOI19 – Authentic Thai Menu without MSG

What can be delicious without MSG? But for SOI19, yes they are not using any MSG but the food still very delicious and flavorful. All foods creation were created by their great experienced chef and the services provided there were superbly friendly and warm by the staff and owner, Simon.


Not sure what to order yet? Then, get yourself chill after a long working day with their signature chilled snowy beer right from the bottle before you could decide anything.

Leo / Chang Beer Promotion
2 bottles | RM30.00
3 bottles | RM43.90





Pay close attention to intensities, balanced and flavorful food that paired perfectly with Chilled Snowy Beer.

Lap Moo Tod (Fried Dried Pork) | RM8.90
Moo Dad Deow – Fried Sirloin Pork | RM8.90
Juicy and Tender BBQ Spicy Wing | RM16.90 per set of 5 wings
BBQ Pork | RM15.00 per set of 5 sticks
BBQ Spicy Pork | RM15.00 per set of 5 sticks
Soft and Tender BBQ Lamb | RM18.00 per set of 5 sticks

SOI19: Signature Dish


For cockles lover, this is a must try on. The fresh, fat, and juicy cockles were so addictive.

Si Ham / Cockles | RM16.90
Kerabu Si Ham / Cockles | RM16.90


Som Tam is a strong spicy flavor salad with green papaya salad that combines all four tastes – Sour lime, hot chili, salt, fish sauce and palm sugar.

Mango Salad | RM16.90
Papaya Salad | RM16.90

Rice & Noodle Selections

Yummylicious stir-fried rice noodle dish topped with big fresh juicy shrimps. One of the Thai Authentic dish and so scrumptious.

Pat Thai – Traditional Fried Thai Noodle | RM12.90


A generous portion of savory wok taste and aroma fried garlic pork with rice.

Pad Moo Gatiam with Rice Set – Fried Garlic Pork with Rice | RM9.90


Authentic Thai basil minced pork that was a contender for the most popular, and the most beloved Thai street food dish.

Pad Kat Pau Moo with Rice – Fried Minced Pork with Basil Leaf | RM12.90


Moo Kata was an amalgamation of barbeque and Steamboat – the best of having both. SOI19 Moo Kata was a non-MSG soup stock, made authentically by their chef.

Combo Set | RM69.90
Pork, Chicken, Lamb, and Seafood with Mix Vege

Simply well marinated simply and prove to be tasty after grill.



Well marinated pork neck with spices that blend a spicy note in the palate.

Nam Tok Kor Moo Yang (BBQ Pork Neck with Brasil Leaf) | RM16.90


Thai hot pot that serves 3 different flavors – The origin, Combination with Beer, and the combination of beer and seafood. Absolutely lovely!


I have returned to dine at this place several times after the review that invited by my blogger friend, Jessy Ong. This place really a great place for me to hang out with my friends with their great beer promotion. Well, I am no alcoholic but I am just a beer lover.

SOI19 Lifestyle
21, Jalan 1a/114,
Kuchai Business Centre,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:+60 17-699 0889

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