SkySymphony: Latest attraction Winch Show (Kinetic Balls Show) at SkyAvenue

SkySymphony: Latest attraction Winch Show (Kinetic Balls Show) at SkyAvenue

SkyAvenue is not only a place to dine and shop but also a place to kill your boredom by watching a beautiful Winch Show: SkySymphony.

SkySymphony: The Biggest in Malaysia

A three-story high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound screens. Each beautiful patterns were changed accordingly to the personalized sound control technology


The whole SkySymphony shows literally, with 1001 winch balls suspended four-story height.

The sound, display, and balls work together to weave 4-minute stories. The Story such as ‘Forest’ a bioluminescent abstract tale of the Flora and Fauna. It form the natural habitat of Malaysia that is the pride of the country. In ‘Urban Symphony’, a love story between Boy and Girl delightfully unfolds and ends with them dancing in the city streets that will make your feet tap along to the tune. ‘The Goddess’ is a grand, live-action piece set in space that brings you from the birth of a divine woman from a lotus flower and her travels through forest and ice. – Quote from RWG

Every day starting 01.09.2017
10am – 6pm (Every two hours)
6pm – Midnight (Every hour)

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  • cindyrina

    I was there last weekend but unable to watch this. My schedule was packed that day. I really wanna revisit.

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    always love watching this… just such an amazing performance…

  • Zayani Zulkiffli

    I really love how Resort World Genting always try to attract more people to visit their resort even they have so many people visiting them already.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    My friend visited Resort World Genting a few weeks ago and she really enjoys watching an amazing performance like this. I will definitely put this on my bucket list to my next travel visit.

  • Rawlins Glam

    Oh please Lord make some time (and cash too) so that I could have the time of my life at SkyAvenue. Been reading a lot of rave reviews about SkyAvenue and I feel very much out of date for have not visiting.

  • Felicia Grace

    That is so mesmerizing. Everyone is going and I really wish to have the cash and time to go see!

  • Thats so awesome. Had never seen something like that before. Very original idea too. Loved the pictures!

  • idayu nim

    Amazing. That why sky avenue is different

  • cindyrina

    I really miss out on this one. Wanna revisit this place again soon.

  • Amanda Luedloff

    Oh my goodness! That was amazing! I need to get my ducks in a row and go visit this place!

  • Emily Lowe

    I’m heading to Genting in the next two weeks. I wonder if we will be at Sky Avenue. Want to see this show and Snoopy Tour. Oh my goodness. That’s going to be cute!!

  • Azlinda Alin

    Menarik sangat tempat ni !

  • Maya Marzuki

    Yeay! Another attraction for me to visit if I am going to Genting. Will definitely slot this in my schedule if I am going there

  • Ivy Kam

    Oh wow, that is one breath-taking presentation, can’t wait for my Genting trip next month 🙂

  • Jason Tan-Ah Joo

    Omg, this is such a great show. Im gonna revisit this place again in another 2 weeks time and definitely will go for this performance. Gonna show this great video to my family members 🙂

  • Aliza Sara

    I heard so much about this centerpiece in genting. havent found the time to visit genting yet, but will definitely try to find some time to go. looks like its worth going for 🙂