[Announcement] Shopee Mall Grand Launch Featuring Over 300 Leading Brands and 100% Authentic Guarantee

[Announcement] Shopee Mall Grand Launch Featuring Over 300 Leading Brands and 100% Authentic Guarantee

Shopee Mall has launched its new portal featuring over 100,000 product sold exclusively. Now we can have direct access to over 300 prominent brands.

Shopee Mall offers 100% Authentic Guarantee (or double your money back), 15 Days Return Policy, and Free Shipping Nationwide

Shopee Mall
Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee

Shopee Mall was built to cater to the demands of Malaysian shoppers who are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Malaysian can shopr for their favorite brands and products from the brand owners themselves. We have also thrown in an authenticity guarantee and free returns for the very first time

Shopee Mall

Brands featured on Shopee Mall include Nestle, PETRONAS, Watsons, Senheng, Digi, Coca-Cola, Huawei, L’Oreal, Xixili and much more.

Shopee Mall Shopee Mall Shopee Mall

With an increasing number of brands embracing the digital economy, Shopee Mall is a compelling opportunity for brands to expand their reach.

Shopee Mall

On Shopee Mall, shoppers can enjoy cost savings from free shipping on every order with a minimum spend of RM30. Free returns can be completed by using the prepaid postage labels provided with every purchase

To identify the product listings, shoppers can look out for the distinctive red “Mall” label while browsing

For more information. visit www.shopee.com.my/mall or download the Shopeeapp from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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  • Bella Leong

    I always love to shop at Shopee since long time ago, great to know they are increasing number of brands

  • Felicia Grace

    I always seem to have a difficult time to choose to buy from Shopee or Lazada….

  • Emily Lowe

    It’s it surprising that for an avid online shopper like me, I have yet to make my first purchase from Shopee? Must start soon but goodbye my money. HUHUHU

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    great for peace of mind… at least we know that what we buy from shoppee mall are all originals

  • How nice if I could be featured there too in Shopee mall 😂 but I small start-up only not big big corporate haha

  • Pivoine Peony

    This shopee mall launch looking really good with the special deal

  • Rawlins Glam

    Lord, please be kind to me and let me shop @ Shopee – I want to buy things. ahahaha.
    Bahaya tau Shopee nie. I cannot go there and not buy anything

  • Maya Marzuki

    One of my favorite online shopping platform!! I can spend hours and hours scrolling what to buy next here…

  • Sharon Lee

    Time to do some shopping now with all the awesome deals going on! Thanks for the sharing!

  • Shub B.

    Wow! Shopee Mall has lots of great items and deals, Will check this out for some gift ideas this Christmas

  • Yay! More shopping to be done! Oh wait, black friday had just over & now spend some more?