A Unique Massage to Release Your Stress and Glow Your Skin | Sembunyi Spa [REVIEW]

A Unique Massage to Release Your Stress and Glow Your Skin | Sembunyi Spa [REVIEW]

Keep your stress and anxiety level to the lowest by allowing yourself the opportunity to relax. The great way of relaxation includes a day at the spa. Sembunyi Spa @ Cyberview Spa & Resort, a hidden spa located at Cyberjaya providing a touch of Balinese massage – The MAHA BRATA

Sembunyi Spa – An Award Winning Spa

A beautiful tropical spa features nearly 10,000 square feet of sheer relaxation. Get yourself de-stress and rejuvenate with a myriad of traditional Asian style body treatments, facials, and massages or work out at the gym and swim in the pool lap. It was a true hideaway for mind, body, and soul by unwinding yourself

Sembunyi Spa
Private Pool Lap

It was a true hideaway for mind, body, and soul. Unwinding yourself in the hot jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna to rejuvenate in the cold dip. Improves blood circulation hence sending more oxygen and nutrients through the body and cells.

Sembunyi Spa

Sembunyi Spa
Hot Jacuzzi
Sembunyi Spa
Sauna & Steam Room


The MAHA BRATHA Experience [90mins] – RM296.80 per person

The Maha Bratha is Sembunyi Spa signature treatment. It was an originally Bali unique massage treatment using the grounded “Kemiri” which is known in Malay as Buah Keras, English as Candlenut

I love the finishing as I can see my skin is glowing, soft and smooth.  This is because of the combination of the touch and the fatty acids of Kerimi which has a high percentage of palmitic, stearic and oleic acids.

Sembunyi Spa
Individual Room with Shower
Sembunyi Spa
Couple Room with Shower
Sembunyi Spa
Relaxing Area for Couple

Other Packages

A little tour at Sembunyi Spa

Upon arrival, a cup of warm ginger tea to be served at the waiting area. While waiting, a short briefing will be given about Sembunyi Spa. Later on, a form to be filled to clarify of personal discomfort/sickness.

Sembunyi Spa

Sembunyi Spa
Waiting Area

Foot and Hand Spa

Give your foot and hand a great pampering with Sembunyi Spa special session – Foot & Hand Spa

Sembunyi Spa
Foot and Hand Spa

Music Therapy

Features a centering exercise follows by an opportunity to release old patterns emotionally, mentally and physically through a burning bowl ceremony.

Sembunyi Spa
Music Therapy Used
Sembunyi Spa
Music Therapy Area

After Treatment Drink – Ginger Honey Tea

I love this after treatment drink, ginger honey tea. A cup of this combination tea creates a calming and relaxing tea that can ease symptoms and boost your immune system.

Sembunyi Spa
After Treatment Drink

My Review

Overall, this was one great place to stay away from a busy town. After doing my spa, I could feel my stress and anxiety reduced and improves my sleeping at night. The caring touch of a skilled therapists’ hands really firmed and comfortable. Happy with their courtesy of asking “Is this pressure ok for you, Ma’am?”

The ambiance of the day spa was nice and the staff had great customer service.

Sembunyi Spa
Time for Hot Jacuzzi

For more information about these packages and other available treatments, visit Cyberview Resort & Spa’s website

Cyberview Resort & Spa
Persiaran Multimedia,
Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: +60 3-8312 7000

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