22 Years BEST Authentic Japanese Restaurant (Since 1995) | Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown PJ [REVIEW]

22 Years BEST Authentic Japanese Restaurant (Since 1995) | Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown PJ [REVIEW]

Sango Japanese Restaurant (Since 1995): Discover this value-for-money authentic Japanese restaurant, a hidden gem nestled at level 2 of the Crystal Crown Hotel in Petaling Jaya. [No Pork No Lard]

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Sango Japanese Restaurant

A place to unwind and indulge your senses for quality Japanese food. Sango Japanese Restaurant offers exactly that.

Sango Japanese RestaurantSango Japanese Restaurant

With an extensive sumptuous selection of more than 200 menu items and the conceptual structure features a warm and cozy finishing with an open concept sushi, grill and teppanyaki station. Sango always makes every effort to give every guest more than they expect.

Bento Set

Bento has everything we need to get started. In Sango, they promised to deliver the fresh and quality in their food for all guests

Sango Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

A combination of 5 types of dishes in this hearty meal. Crispy and tender deep fried chicken with salad. 3 types of fresh and juicy Sashimi with my favorite California Maki that topped with lots of Ebikko. Yummylicious deep fried salmon with sauce and delicious buckwheat noodle – cha soba.

Sango Japanese Restaurant


Fuji Bento

Sango Japanese Restaurant

This bento having a combination of deep fried tempura, fresh sashimi, fried chicken with salad and Kushiyaki – Beef & Mushroom. This is one of the great combination of fried, grill and fresh dish served with warm fragrance rice.

Sango Japanese Restaurant


Tokyo Bento

I can have Sushi and also beef teppanyaki together. Amazing! I just love this bento set and not only sushi and beef teppanyaki, I can also enjoy the crispy tempura and fresh garden salad as well. Highly recommended for those who love to have sushi in their bento.

Sango Japanese Restaurant


Cha Soba

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Light and refreshing, chilled cha soba. Cha soba is served in chilled and to be dipped in Tsuyu with some condiments – spring onion, quail egg, white radish and a pinch of wasabi.

Sango Japanese Restaurant


Seafood Teppanyaki

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Seafood Teppanyaki, tasty and cooked just right with a hint of soy sauce for flavor. Really enjoy indulging this delicious succulent scallop and fresh prawns

Sango Japanese Restaurant


Tempura Moriawase

Sango Japanese Restaurant

Delight yourself with this delicious assorted tempura. Really enjoy the crispy bites of the tempura.

Sushi Moriawase

Sango Japanese Restaurant

An irresistible freshly made sushi serving right on the table. Whenever you are in Sango, this hearty sushi is must to try on!

Yakitori Omakase

Sango Japanese Restaurant

An amazing Yakitori Omakase experience! Sango is a unique Japanese dining experience that specializes in grilled skewered.

It was really a great experience dining in Sango Japanese Restaurant. It has been 22 years Sango deliver their promises to all their guests. The freshness and quality of their foods have been more than expectation.

Sango Japanese Restaurant (Level 2)
Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya,
Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm-230pm 6pm-1030pm
Contact: +603 7958 5228

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  • Rawlins Glam

    I love my bento set and I am stoked to see the sets that they have there. Yummy!!!

  • Raihana Abdul Aziz

    mouth watering…but is it halal?

  • Poop Poop

    Those grilled skewers look so good! I am going to have to try it someday!

  • Lia Hasty

    All the food make me hungry and look delicious.

  • Emily Lowe

    It’s gonna be difficult to forget this restaurant name. Sango sounds like mango. The colouful bento sets are very attractive and inviting. I wished I could taste them all!

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Sango is the first Japanese restaurant that still maintain the traditional preparation of Japanese food. I like the bento and their Yakitori. Thumb up to the food.

  • Ever since I came back to Japan I have been searching for good Jap food! Never heard about this place before and they are around for 22 years! Shall go n check them out 😀

  • Kelly Chin

    I like their Bento also, not only its delicious but also the portion is quite generous

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    Looks like a nice restaurant to check out.. and well it helps since I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine too

  • Sharon Lee

    Another new Japanese restaurant to try out! The food portion is so big and looks yummy high class dining!

  • thanks for sharing, i definitely need to visit this place because i love japanese food

  • Zayani Zulkiffli

    My first time and I’ve tried everything here. All so good one. Especially the beef rice. So sedap!

  • Cassy Myers

    I love Japanese food. thanks for sharing

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