Pak John Steamboat & BBQ 2nd Outlet Opening at IOI City Mall [HALAL]

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ 2nd Outlet Opening at IOI City Mall [HALAL]

Pak John has opened its 2nd outlet at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. The halal steamboat and bbq restaurant in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Pak John | Eat-all-you-can with one price

Pak John Steamboat

Having the concept eat-all-you-can, Pak John is offering more than 160 types of dishes. Be it for the soup or bbq or hot dish in the buffet line.

Pak John Steamboat

All you can see is the pick-your-food area is really clean and neat. The raw food was kept in a chiller to ensure the freshness and chill.

Pak John Steamboat

Have a peek at two selected seafood for its size and freshness. Never regret having this over and over again!

Pak John Steamboat

Hot dish buffet line that served daily with different menu changed randomly.

Pak John Steamboat

There is also various kind of noodles for all happy diners.

Pak John Steamboat

Craving for Beef or lamb slice? Don’t worry, Pak John has it all. Not to be missed out also their signature smoked duck and abalone slice.

Pak John

You order, and they will cut it fresh for you. Yea… all freshly cut for their premium item.

Pak John Steamboat

If you are dim sum lover, they have delicious ‘pau’ and halal dim sum in Pak John. I like the mini salted egg ‘pau’. Even though it doesn’t have the drained out the salted egg, but it is still very aromatic!

Happy Diners… Happy Tummy!! End your meal with their signature waffle topped with ice cream.

Pak John Steamboat

Don’t get scared of the color as they are using fruit color and guess what?! The pink waffle really delicious with ice cream as it is Strawberry flavor!!

Best Place to Dine-in

Pak John
Photo credited to Marcus Osmand Official

Again, I would like to say this will definitely be our favorite place. A place with good foods and good services. Not only that, Pak John is the BEST place for us to gather our Muslims friends to join makan-makan gathering with everyone.

Please do not hesitate to check out more about Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at their Facebook Official Page or Website

Pak John

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ IOI City Mall 
GE-11, Ground Floor,
IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRC,
IOI Resort City,
62502 Putrajaya, Sepang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
03-8957 1128, 012-7950 684

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  • hannyabdullah

    Wahh sedapnya..sis kalau teringin nak makan steamboat..kdg2 pak john steamboat jadi pilihan, memang sedap

  • Felicia Grace

    For that price super worth it leh! I see the premium beef slices and the smoked duck slices also my saliva also berliur-liur.

  • cindyrina

    Don’t have chance to try this before. They have many selection for that price?

  • ciki

    Looks good. non-muslim also can eat there right?! 😀

  • Shubhada Bhide

    Oh!! That looks inviting. I really want to try eat all you can buffet. Those foods are so tempting and looks delicious. It makes me feel so hungry right now.

  • MIn

    Sedap dan menariknya semua hidangan. I memang suka sangat makan seafood. Bila nampak pepahat tu rasa terliur sangat. Bestnya bila berkumpul ramai-ramai makan di sini

  • cindyrina

    I would want to try this place with my sisters. It look like they have clean place.

  • Rawlins Glam

    This is just like less than 20 min from my place. Next time please invite me please! I want to eat the dimsum there!

  • Maya Marzuki

    This is my favorite steamboat and barbecue restaurant!! You should really try the green thai sauce!!

  • Salina Johari

    Banyak pilihan. Of course akan recommend pada kawan² yg kaki steamboat. Harga pun berpatutan..

  • Jane Chua

    Me and my children love to dine-in at Pak John. Our favourite place to have our meal.

  • Passed by this place but haven’t pay a visit yet. Seem not bad

  • Emily Lowe

    Impressed with so much food choices and at a fantastic price as well! I think what I would enjoy the most is the waffle ice cream. Haha! yeah, I have a sweet tooth.