Mocktail Bar: First Kiosk-Bar Serves Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Mocktail Bar: First Kiosk-Bar Serves Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Mocktail Barfirst-of-its-kind kiosk bar concept specializing in many kinds non-alcoholic mocktail and coffee. Mocktails are actually non-alcoholic drinks that consist of a mixture of fruit juices or flavored sodas. They always generous in their servings.

Regular = 16oz / 473ml
Large = 22oz / 650ml

Mocktail Bar – The Locally Grown Brand Franchise

Mocktail Bar

Serving 30 different kinds of flavors with 7 different categories in each outlet. The 7 categories are Virgin Mojito, Ice Blended or Juice Base, Lifestyle Coffee or Freshly Brewed, White Chocolate Chips, Tea Inspired, Fizzy, and Frappe.

Mocktail Bar

Virgin Mojito

Mocktail Bar

Coffee-Jito has a very strong coffee kick that packed together with the refreshing mojito. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)

Sour Plum Mojito, one of the mixologist’s favorite. it tastes zesty, sweet & sour that will surely wake you up. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)
Mango Redbull-Jito
has a very refreshing taste with the mixture of the energy drink. A special kind of Mojito. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)

Ice Blended & Juice Base

Mango Lime Lassi, sweet fragrance mango blended with sourish lime. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)
Arizona Sunset, a beautiful cup of drink with sunset feel made with orange and cranberry juice. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)

White Chocolate Cap

Americano, a classic Americano topped with white chocolate. Taste delicious! RM9.90 (R) | RM 11.90 (L)
Peach Orange Tea
, ice blended peach with bitter orange and jasmine tea. Topped with white chocolate. One of the editor’s pick! RM9.90 (R) | RM 11.90 (L)

Tea Inspired

Breath of Fire, get yourself a surprised and will be assured this was exotic enough for everyone. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)


Mystique, as mystique as the drink. The flavor changes as you sip, just like our favorite X-Men. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)
Sparkling Rosemary Limeade, taste zesty, sweet & sour with a rosemary aftertaste. RM7.90 (R) | RM 9.90 (L)


The Classic, everybody loves classic and no matter what, the classic will still be the choice. The classic flavor made with coffee that will never go wrong. RM8.90 (R) | RM 10.90 (L)
Choco Chip Cookies, chocolate blended with chipsmore cookies. Extra crunchy and delicious. RM8.90 (R) | RM 10.90 (L)

Mocktail Bar

Roasted Almond, flavorful coffee mixed with almond. Lovely! RM8.90 (R) | RM 10.90 (L)

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For more information about Mocktail Bar, Check out the Official Facebook Page and also to their Website.

Mocktail Bar

Mocktail Bar

@ Sunway Pyramid:
LG2, 96B, Lower Ground 2.

@ IOI City Mall:
LG-C 19A, Lower Ground Floor.

@ Shell Petro Station Sungai Dua, Penang
Lebuhraya PLUS Arah Utara

@ Plaza Low Yat
LG-K008, Lower Ground

@ Mesamall, Nilai
GK-17A, Ground Floor

@ Shell Petrol Station Batu Tiga
Federal Highway Shah Alam

@ Shell Petrol Station Gurun
KM80.41, R&R Lebuhraya Utara Selatan

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