LOBBEE PUBLIKA : NOW serving ALL YOU CAN EAT Thai Style BBQ Buffet only @ RM19.80++ Adult and RM15.80++ Kid [REVIEW]

LOBBEE PUBLIKA : NOW serving ALL YOU CAN EAT Thai Style BBQ Buffet only @ RM19.80++ Adult and RM15.80++ Kid [REVIEW]

Looking for Bangkok taste bit BBQ Buffet?

*AROI MAK MAK* ALL YOU CAN EAT Thai Style BBQ Buffet is now served in Lobbee Publika only at RM19.80++ for Chicky Refill and RM38.90++ got Premium Refill **Pork Free**


All You Can Eat Thai Style BBQ Buffet Menu

Lobbee Publika – All You Can Eat Thai Style BBQ Buffet serving from their wide range of food items include Scallop, Australian Beef, Salmon, Prawns and many other choices. For the broth you can choose to have Chicken soup or Tomyam Soup

Tomyam soup is higly recommended as this is their well known nice and hot soup with big bold flavour with Thai herbs n spices and could really give a good sweat~!!
(psst…: The lady owner is the chef and she is from Thailand – This is what we called Authentic)

Well, I felt honored for being invited by Mr Adrian Lee to do a food review on their new launching menu – All You Can Eat Thai Style BBQ Buffet.
Kop Pun Ka!

Let’s take a look on the food items were served to us ~ All You Can Eat Thai Style BBQ Buffet

The Starter Set

The Chicky Refill Starter Set – Frankly speaking, the marinated chicken sliced is so tasty even after grilled and ‘kaw-kaw’ aromatic. No regret ordering this as you can actually keep asking for more.
For Premium Refill Starter set comes with seafood & beef – Talking about the beef… I just love the Beef Sliced. All beef served were so delicious actually but I sill love the sliced one… *grin*

The Starter Set for Chicky Refill
The Selections of Beef
All You Can Eat Thai Style BBQ Buffet
The Starter Set
Scallop (Big and satisfaction)
Salmon Fish
Prawn and Squid

Alright~ We are ready to makan now!! Welā kin!!

Not to have wastage~ We ordered only small amount

Wait a minute~ It seems like I forget to order my drinks….

Beverages Menu (Only some selection included in the buffet Red Lemon Soda, Lobbee Iced Tea (with Lychee), Iced Thai Tea with Grass Jelly)
Coconut Milk Shake (Special Order on this) AROI MAK MAK !!!!
Red Lemon Soda… Looks so SEXY~!!

So now gonna be the BBQ time! Mai Samar rox thi cha kin!!!

The fat and juicy scallop
Well marinated chicken sliced
This is our pot!!!

Sauces / condiments

Talking about eating Thai foods definitely we need their strong, tangy, slightly spicy thai sauce good combination on all kind of dishes cooked. I’ve been a fan of great Thai food for awhile and my favorite is the Thai BBQ.  Of course, the secret ingredient that makes it taste good is the Thai Hot Sauce

Beside serving good foods, they are actually selling some items from Thailand whereby anyone can buy it without traveling so far

Thai Chili Sauce & Famous Cuttlefish Oil

A little story about Lobbee

Lob means Lobster, Bee means the name of the Lady Owner cum Chef (Adrian’s wife). So sweet of them, right? Bee always craving for her hometown foods so much but unable to fill up her 100% so she came up an idea to cook it by herself. So this is how LOBBEE was established – Thanks to Adrian on his little sharing about her wife.
They are very well known with their famous Tomyam Noodles that could really make you sweat.
To know more about Lobbee Publika, you may visit their page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lobbee-Publika/503148023227973

ALL YOU CAN EAT Thai Style BBQ Buffet


Well Well Well… What are you waiting for? Pick your phone and make your reservation at: +60364128669

D2-G3-3A Publika Shopping Gallery
1 Jalan Dutamas, Duta Nusantara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Open Daily 11am to 10pm

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  • Jane Chua

    Food looks delicious. Price was reasonable too.

    • Racheal Loh

      ya indeed… should try!

  • Emily Lowe

    The price is a real steal! I wonder when this promotion will end. Want to go.

    • Racheal Loh

      this is their price actually. please tag me along… I miss their foods

  • I miss their scallop!!

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    ok.. need to check out lobbee publika next…. makes me hungry

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Sawadekaa, I love Thai food. This Thai buffet is worth to try. The price is affordable and everyone can enjoy the nice food.