Lash Bar: Unique and Natural False Eyelashes at Midvalley Megamall [Beauty]

Lash Bar: Unique and Natural False Eyelashes at Midvalley Megamall [Beauty]

As a Public Figure definitely, we need to have a nice and proper grooming whenever we stepped out from the house. The first impression is always the most important element to build the confidence and trust between us and our clients. Recently, I had an honored to visit and learn about False Eyelashes by Lash Bar located at the Lower Ground of Midvalley Megamall.

Lash Bar – Cashless Merchant with KiplePay

Lash Bar

Now you can buy False Eyelashes at Lash Bar using Kiple app. Download KIPLE now from the AppStore and use it as your mobile wallet.

Lash Bar – Branding Lash

Lash Bar

One of my favorite false eyelash which is really in lightweight and soft. I can even wear it with my spectacle together.

Natural 5 Lash & 3d Mink Lash

Lash Bar

Both using the real natural hair incredibly soft & light in weight. Since this is a handmade lash definitely every pair will not have the similar patterns.

Variety choice of False Eyelashes – Nylon Type

If you are looking for daily use false eyelashes for performance, event or etc, you may consider this 10 pairs box lashes.

Lash Bar

Those looking for only small lash for certain parts, Lash Bar have it too.


Lash Bar

Besides beautiful lashes, they are also selling their good quality brushes made with pony hair, squirrel hair, and goat hair. Every brush is made in high-quality and incredibly soft.

Do come and visit Lash Bar to get this great quality false eyelashes and you may visit their Official Facebook Page for more information about lashes and brushes.

Lash Bar

Lash Bar (Mid Valley Branch)
LG-C6, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 10am – 10pm (Daily)

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  • wahhh.. so public figure ah.:P .. nice lashes btw. Nice face too 😀

    • Racheal Loh

      learning ah bro….

  • So many types of lashes to choose from! Lashes really do make someone look more appealing.


  • Gaylen Hong

    Waaa. Why Penang don’t have. I’m sure I’m going to be their customer if penang have

  • Carmen Dianne Ngooi

    wowwww. I love this alot there’s so many choices compare to what Penang has.

  • Emily Lowe

    So many different lashes to play with. Like most Chinese, my lashes are so short, these are life savers.

  • Maya Marzuki

    Wow! A retail outlet that sell different kinds of lashes? This is really new

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    you looks so super gorgeous with your lashes… I am so envious… but then I hate wearing lashes… hahaha

  • sherrygo

    good to those that like to put on lashes. I have hard time to do that lol.. used to put on lashes when I joined online contest of makeup.. You looks gorgeous with the lashes 😀 you are good

  • Ivy Kam

    Wow so many choices, I can shop at here whole day liao 🙂

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    The Lash Bar offers variety of eyelash. Affordable price too

  • Shub B.

    That Lash Bar offers a lot of different eyelashes. I am going to share this to my friends who always wearing false eyelashes.

  • Kelly Lee

    wah so many choices!!!! and those brush look nice to use wor~

  • Li Ya Na

    Ooo…I need to start having a collection of lashes…i should really visit here the next time my sister calls me for makan at MV…

  • Sharon Lee

    Your eyes looks so much bigger after apply the lashes! So pretty and natural. This is quite a big range of beauty product that we can get for ourself.