Best Romantic Comedy by Jhangri Production House Releasing 9 November 2017 [Movie Screening]

Best Romantic Comedy by Jhangri Production House Releasing 9 November 2017 [Movie Screening]

It was an honored to witness the screening with our own eyes. Jhangri Production, a beautiful love story with lots of laughter and tears could really touch your heart.

JHANGRI Production – Kabilan Plondran Film | Malaysia Movie

This is a story about Vikran who at first rejected his arranged marriage by his parents but at the end, he fells for that girl who rejected him first at the beginning. This movie could just make you laugh from the beginning until the finish.

In order to win the girl’s heart, Vikran tries in many ways to grab her attention and of course he did get the response. What is the response, then you could just better watch it.

However, Vikran does face some hard time as well for doing so much and end, the girl hated him so much. What did Vikran do and why the girl so angry? It’s all related to the girl’s biggest secret in her – Her marriage with a criminal.

For his love, Vikran fell into the girl’s husband trap in kidnapping Sheila. Will he succeed in kidnapping Sheila just to get the girl?

Will it be still meaningful reading all the credits here without watching it? Yeah, you better grab your popcorns and your drink now and enjoy the whole Romantic Comedy today! Worth to watch~ Full of laughter and also tears (laugh till you cry~~

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  • fish

    Looks intriguing! I found myself smiling as I was reading your post, haha

  • Isabelle Watie Rosta

    Haven’t watch this movie but some of my friends have. Glad that you reviewed that its worth to watch.

  • Maria Hazel

    I love watching romantic comedy! 🙂 It’s just so fun! Hope to watch this soon.

  • emi

    Wahhh, hindi movie sure have lots of romantic scene. Hindi movie nowadays even have romantic comedy as well.

  • Halimah Muhiden

    Hubby l memang suka tgk film hindi and Indian…blg geng dgn dia

  • wooowww romantic and comedy best la this combo! will watch it later!

  • Emily Lowe

    After reading your review, I searched to see if it is already in Ipoh and yes it is! So excited. Hope I can finish my work today so that I can catch a show at night!!

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    hahaha.. I did not peg you as enjoying Indian movie also but this seems pretty interesting…. thanks for the share

  • Ivy Kam

    Interesting story line, will share your post with some of my Indian friends 🙂

  • Sherlyn

    Interesting story line!! But i am not really into indian movie! Will recommend to my indian friends 🙂

  • Maya Marzuki

    Just curious, is this our local production or overseas? I used to watch a lot of Indian movies but not now coz I am too busy with work. This looks like a great movie to be watched over weekend.

    • Racheal Loh

      this is our local production, Maya.

  • Rawlins Glam

    I am in for romantic + comedy – just like the good old days when Julia Roberts do Pretty Women right? Hehe

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    I never quite peg you for someone who watch Indian show.. but this looks interesting… hehehe

  • cindyrina

    So long never watch this kind of movie. I will give it a try. Overdose with Korean.

  • Sharon Lee

    Interesting movie to actually watch it! I really hope they will have a good ending though, gonna check it out in cinemas soon!