Chicken Curry: Delicious Spicy Dish with Rempah Ratus Mak Siti [REVIEW]

Chicken Curry: Delicious Spicy Dish with Rempah Ratus Mak Siti [REVIEW]

Malaysian love chicken curry and is the popular dishes in Malaysia. Almost every house in Malaysia has chicken curry for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best part is, take it for supper. It can be eaten with bread, rice or noodles and can even eat it on its own.

chicken curry
Chicken Curry with Bread
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry Rice

Cooking Chicken Curry with Rempah Ratus Mak Siti

  • 1kg of chicken thigh cut to two
  • ½kg potatoes
  • 10g of curry leaves
  • 130g of fresh coconut milk
  • water to simmer the curry
Ingredients to blend
  • 160g of onion
  • 120g of red chilies with seeds removed
  • 25 g of ginger
  • 100g of lemongrass
Dry ingredients for curry
  • 30g of Chili Powder Mak Siti
  • 50g of Rempah Curry Powder Mak Siti
  • 18g (3.5 teaspoons) of salt
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 4 cloves
  1. Cut the chicken into large chunks, on the bone.
  2. Cut the potatoes into large cubes and deep-fry them for one minute. Remove from the oil.
  3. Blend the onion, red chilies, ginger and lemongrass in an electric blender.
  4. Saute the blended curry ingredients with vegetable oil for 2 to 3 minutes or until it turns fragrant.
  5. Add dry curry ingredients into the wok follow by enough water to form a thick gravy.
  6. then, add the curry leaves and chicken into the curry gravy.
  7. Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.
  8. Add the potatoes to the curry. Simmer until the potatoes become soft and the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 70 degree Celsius.
  9. Add in coconut milk and adjust the thickness of the curry gravy with water if necessary.
Chicken Curry is Ready!!!

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Rempah Ratus Mak Siti

Wonder which spices were used for the chicken curry recipe? So the below photos featured were the one I used, Chili Powder Mak Siti and Rempah Curry Powder Mak Siti

Rempah Ratus Mak Siti is well-known with non-chemical and non-MSG in their spices. It is fresh-made Malaysia local product and known to be the largest herbs and spices plantation in Asia. Rempah Ratus Mak Siti producing 6 to 10 metric tons of raw herbs and spices each day. Over the years, the company has invested a significant amount of capital in terms of research and development. The purpose of the investment is to produce better quality herbs with a commitment to better health for you and your family.

All Rempah Ratus Mak Siti products can be purchased in any groceries outlet nearby.

Rempah Ratus Mak Siti Products

Beside cooking chicken curry, you may also find other products for you to cook Fish Curry, Seafood Curry, Rendang, Soy Sauce Fish and much more.

The Products

Besides the packing type spices powder, Rempah Ratus Mak Siti also has bottled spices powder which is convenient also to all home chefs.

Kaffir Lime & Daun Limau Flakes were the new launching products

Majlis Berbuka Puasa and The Launching of New Products

Was an honored to be invited for their Majlis Berbuka Puasa and also the launching of new products, Kaffir Lime & Daun Limau Flakes. Before the dinner started, I was surprised with the attendance of the orphanage as they were invited to dine with us during Berbuka Puasa.

A small token was given to the orphanage

During the events,  we get to explore on Rempah Ratus Mak Siti products with sample dish cooked.

Foods served during the events were also cooked with Rempah Ratus Mak Siti and no doubt of taking another plate of rice. The spices indeed delicious and complex flavor pairings – Spicy & Savory

Soup Soto – Heavenly Delicious

Well, If you would like to know about Rempah Ratus Mak Siti, you may visit their Facebook at Rempah Ratus Mak Siti or Instagram at @rempahratusmaksiti or Website at

Nasuha Enterprise Sdn Bhd,
Ladang Rempah Ratus dan Herba
Batu 12, Jalan Muar-Pagoh
84500 Muar Johor
Tel : 06-9737508/509
WhatsApp: 0173309330


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