Adventures of Monkey King – The Golden Hooped Rod at Genting International Showroom

Adventures of Monkey King – The Golden Hooped Rod at Genting International Showroom

Every year during the school holiday, for sure Resort World Genting will have many exciting events for their visitor. This year, 2017 Resorts World Genting will bring something new and different. Adventures of Monkey King – The Golden Hooped Rod the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe with their magical 3D theatre performance.

Adventures of Monkey King – The Golden Hooped Rod

The Monkey King is a mythological figure in Journey to the West, one of the most popular classical novels in China.

The Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod that will run from 11 November 2017 to 1 January 2018.
To be held at Genting International Showroom, the 65-minute show is scheduled for 9 pm daily. Additional shows at 4 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm on selected dates.

The story begins after the Monkey King has claimed the Golden Hooped Rod from the East China Sea. It is discovered that the enemy of the rod, Chi You, has
also been released, and now intends to destroy it.

Monkey King

In order to battle Chi You, the Monkey King and the rod must work together and go through Mana Practice, an exercise that enhances one's life energy. The Monkey King
manages to master the ability, but then the rod reveals its weakness—something that Chi You is also aware of.

As it turns out, Chi You manages to lure the rod back to the East Coast Sea and imprison it. This, of course, leads to the ultimate battle between the Monkey King and Chi You.

Monkey King

The award-winning Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe founded in 1957

Adapting the story of the Monkey King, the show has played in Nanjing Cultural Arts Centre, Lian Yun Gang Culture Artistic Centre, Nanjing Sun Palace and Shanghai Poly Theatre since 2016, receiving a tremendous response. This will be their first performance out of China.

Monkey King


Date: 11-Nov-2017 to 01-Jan-2018
Time: 9pm daily (no shows on 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov, 4 Dec, 18 Dec)
Location: Genting International Showroom
Admission: RM96 (PS2), RM136 (PS1), RM176 (VIP)
Phone: 03 2718 1118

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  • Nor Azlina Mohd Ali

    i like this adventure.. cita ni popular era y2k jika taksilap.Time tu i kecil lagi.. best la, ade semula ya pementasan cita ni.

  • Yee Wee Ling

    My daughter and I loved this show. The 3D visual effect makes it more attractive.

  • Pivoine Peony

    The show look amazing and I like the costume.

  • Rosmawati Aboo Hassan

    Persembahan 3D teater tersebut memang terbaik. Sesuatu yang baru untuk musim sekolah ni…

  • Shub B.

    This Adventures of Monkey King is really interesting to watch! Would love to watch this with my family!

  • Maya Marzuki

    Adventures of Monkey King is my all time favorite. Read the literature, watched few versions of the drama, but I have never watched the theater version of it. Now I know what to do during my long year end holiday.

  • Emily Lowe

    I’ve watched and read about the Monkey King legend over the years. This stage performance has taken the story to a whole new level of entertainment. I wish I could watch it live as well.

  • Sharon Lee

    I watch this and I really love the performances from the team! They do a really great job and as a audience I really enjoy myself in this show! It’s been a while I been watching Monkey King show!